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Pakistan to Host the D-8 Aviation Summit

Pakistan, through its aviation regulator Civil Aviation Authority, is hosting the two-day meeting of Director Generals of Civil Aviation of Developing 8 (D-8) countries to discuss the ways and means for cooperation amongst member states for improving and strengthening the civil aviation sector.

The theme of the 11th meeting is “Adding Wings to Economic Growth and Social Uplift in D-8 Countries”.

The main objective of the meeting is to ensure that the economic growth of all the eight countries is accelerated and their social standing is also uplifted to the international level.

D-8 is a global cooperation amongst major developing countries which include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

It aims to promote and enhance joint efforts towards achieving sustainable socio-economic development through effective utilization of economic and social potential of member countries.

D-8 had also established cooperation in Civil Aviation through the implementation of a D-8 Civil Aviation Memorandum of Understanding, which was adopted in September 2007.

The purpose of establishing this cooperation is to enable Civil Aviation organizations of member states to cooperate and coordinate amongst themselves as well as with ICAO and other related regional organizations. international institutions and the industry on all matters related to Civil Aviation.

The meeting is being attended by Secretary Aviation, industry participants from D-8 countries and CEOs of aerospace industry, airlines and other major stakeholders in the field of aviation.

Pakistan has Exported About 100 Locally Assembled Aircraft in 2017

Pakistan is making immense progress in manufacturing defense products and is becoming the center of attention in the international market, said the Ministry of Defense Rana Tanveer Hussain.

About 100 small aircrafts “made in Pakistan” have been exported to various countries.

Pakistan has great potential when it comes to manufacturing defense products and introducing them worldwide.

Rana Tanveer said, “we are fulfilling the requirement of law enforcement agencies regarding the provision of defense-related equipment”.

This year in May, the Turkish Undersecretary for Defense Industries (SSM) gave Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) a contract for the sale of 52 MFI-395 Super Mushshak military training aircraft. The deal was made in this year’s International Defense Industry Fair, Istanbul. This deal was considered as PAC’s largest export order.

“If we make it [commercial aircraft] cost-effective, with sustained logistics and maintenance, it is going to be attractive to international customers”, says Air Marshall PAC Ahmer Shahzad told the media at 2017 Dubai Air Show.

Although MFI-395 Super Mushak was the major export, various countries like Argentina, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Nigeria, the Philippines, Venezuela and Zimbabwe showed great interest in JF-17 Thunder combat aircraft which was designed and built in cooperation with the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (CAC) China.

“This is the model we have to learn from the United States of America, engineering in our security sectors must be leveraged for commercial opportunities and commercial applications so that it becomes a multiplier for national development.” Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal said.

For now, PAC and CAC have delivered almost 70 JF-17s with 14 additional aircraft expected to be manufactured by the end of 2017.

Not just that, PTDI has also signed an agreement with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to aid in marketing and technical support for N219.

By far, Turkey is Pakistan’s major trade partner in aircraft. If they keep up the pace, Pakistan’s defense products, especially aircrafts, could gain international recognition and help increase the country’s dwindling exports.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Top 5 Charities to Donate a Car in NY and NYC

he following is a list of the best organizations to donate a car in NY. We focused on providing a list of charities that no only accept vehicle donations, but also support programs that benefit NY and NYC.

Did you know? non-profits that sell your vehicle to support their programs might provide you with a lesser tax deduction than those that use the vehicle to fulfill their mission.

The IRS law states that, $500 or the price at which was sold your vehicle, whichever amount is greater, may be deducted from your tax statements.

In this article:

American Red Cross in Greater New York
Goodwill NY
Wheels for Wishes
Long Island Cares
Charity Cars
American Red Cross in Greater New York

Make a meaningful impact in NY by donating your vehicle to the car donation program of the American Red Cross. Your support will contribute with the prevention and human treatment during emergencies and may help save lives.

Visit the following link to donate a car in NY to the Red Cross

Goodwill NY

To contribute to humanitarian causes, through an organization that already has a very recognizable name and reputation in the industry, one may donate cars in NY through Goodwill. They offer towing at no cost and accept vehicles in any condition.

Consider the fact that the management and selling process of the donated cars is not done by Goodwill, this organization partnered with National Charity Services to make this program possible.

Therefore, for more information, please call National Charity Services at 866-492-2770 to arrange your car donation in NY and contribute to the Goodwill programs.

You may also visit the website of Goodwill to fill their online donation form to initiate the pick-up process. Have your clear title of your car ready with you. After the sale of your vehicle, you will receive your information regarding your claimable tax deduction.3
Wheels for Wishes

Through Wheels for Wishes, car donations in NYC can have a positive impact on kids from areas such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Call them at 1-855-831-9474

Visit the website for more information.

Long Island Cares
You may not know, but your vehicle might also contribute with one of the most important human needs: food. Help New York citizens that are having a hard time going through hunger with one of the most reputable charities in NY: Long Island Cares, providers of emergency food. They claim to feed 283,000 citizens of Long Island, NY every year. Cars, trucks and RVs, running or not; are all accepted vehicles in their car donation program which is managed by Donation Processors of America (DPA), not by the charity itself. Despite this, the program will provide you with everything you need to claim your tax deduction.

Donate a car in NY to this charity by calling: 877-872-2127

Remember to visit the website of Long Island Cares for more information on their organization and other ways you can contribute.

Charity Cars

Remember that most of the car donation programs will sell your vehicle at auction to obtain money to make a positive impact; but how much money will go to the cause you want to contribute to? The truth is most charities pay middlemen to manage the selling of the vehicles they collect. But obviously, you as a donor want to benefit the most, the cause you are most concerned with – and maybe at the same time obtain a worthy tax deduction.

Charity Cars, is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit that has received the recognition from reputable figures such as Oprah and is one of the best places for car donations in NY, to make a positive impact in its fullest extent and to obtain the best tax deduction possible.
They connect donors such as you, with families across the United States that are currently struggling, such as victims of natural disasters, and need a vehicle for their transportation and to overcome their actual problems.

So this organization removes the middlemen to provide the most benefits for the families in need, what about the benefits regarding tax deductions for the donor?

If your vehicle is donated to, and used by, a struggling family, such as with Charity Cars, you can claim a tax deduction of the full fair market value of the vehicle, according to rules by the IRS. A lot less can be claimed if your car is sold by the non-profit. Use resources such as the website of Kelly Blue Books to know the fair market value of the car you are donating in NY.

Charity Cars even offers their current audited financial statements in their website, a huge plus for any wise philanthropist. For these reasons, this organization tops our list of the best non-profits to make a car donation in NY.

So if you want to donate a car in NY, call Charity Cars at 1-800-CHARITY which stands for 1-800-242-7489 or visit their website here.

They cover the cost of the towing everywhere in the US and accept running or not running cars. Please note that they require a clear title.

Thanks for your contribution, which will help New Yorkers and other Americans improve their lives.

The next step, after selecting your charity, is to learn about tax deductions and how to claim them. Read on the rest of our articles to learn about this important subject for philanthropists, and to become a wiser one.

How to check PageRank of my blog or website

What is PR or PageRank ?
If you have created your own blog or site on Google that won't be visible instantly. It will take some days to be visible on the web. Once your site has been visibled that's not enough. You will have to write original contents and share it with all of the people you know. When your site will have enough traffic and your contents are good according to Google Policies then Google will rank your site higher than your competitor sites. For Example you have created a site on 'Computer Learning' and there are 70 more sites are already visible on the web but your site has enough and quality contents then your site will be higher than all of them. Google always tries to give better results to its users so it automatically detect the best content and show on the Top. If your site appears on third page then your site PageRank is 3. There are many sites those can show you your site PageRank.

How PageRank improves ?
PageRank can be improved by following Google Privacy Policy as Google says. Some of them are given here : -
◆ Use High Quality Keywords
◆ Post Original/Genuine/Quality                   Contents
◆ Self Created Images
◆ Don't post copyright material
◆ Don't porn or adult contents
◆ Don't try to cheat Google
◆ Don't get traffic illegally

Benefits of High PageRank
If your site gets high PageRank then your site will start ultimately getting much more traffic that increases your Earnings. High PageRank can make you a Brand person, your site and you will become famous in the world.

How to get Traffic on my website/blog from UK, USA

Why to change targeting country ?
Nowadays lots of people making money very easily from their homes just typing some words on their sites. But they don't get money for their but Ads those are showing on their sites. They get paid on every click of Ads. How much they get it depends on CPC ( Cost Per Click ). In India CPC rate is very low comparing to other countries, that's why many Youtubers and Bloggers don't target India to their contents.

What to do to Target foreign countries on my site : -
Making some changes in Google Search Console Settings can increase your site traffic from USA, UK or other countries. Google search console is also a company of Google that provides free services to Bloggers. Google search console is also known as Webmaster Tool. It helps Bloggers to index their sites and international targeting.
Steps to get foreign traffic : -
(i) Go to Google search console Dashboard
(ii) Click on Search Traffic and then International Targeting
(iii) Now click on Country and check 'Target users in' box
(iv) Choose any country in which you want to access your site and then Save it all.

You are all set !

So, in this way you can increase traffic on your site from any country you want.
I have another trick also if you want to target any particular country to your site. When you are making a site keep in mind purchase only the domain name that fits the targeting country. For example in India the domain names are used .com, .in, .org.....

Top 10 Bloggers List

In today's article I'm going to show you a list of Top 10 Bloggers of the world and how much they earn per month. I don't know you trust or not making career in Blogging is very easy and profitable. Lots of people are working on their Blogs / websites and making a lot of money. Here I'm going to show you a list of Top 10 Bloggers of the world and their Earnings per month.
Here is the List : -
1. Michael Arrington: $500,000 – $800,000 per month
2.Pete Cashmore:$560,000 – $600,000 per month
3. Mario Lavanderia, ‘Perez Hilton’: $200,000 – $400,000 per month
4.Vitaly Friedman: $150,000 – $190,000 per month
5.Timothy Sykes: Monthly Income: $150,000 – $180,000 per month
6. Jake Dobki:$80,000 – $110,000 per month
7. Collis Ta’eed: $55,000 – $120,000 per month
8. Gina Trapani: circa $110,000 per month
9. Matt Marshall: $50,000 – $100,000 per month
10. Ewdison Then, ‘Slash Gear’: $60,000 – $80,000 per month

This is an International data

SEMrush : The Best SEO Tool

today I am going to give you an important information if you are a blogger or Webmaster. There is a website SEMrush that works like a SEO tool. You can try its free version in the beginning and after that you can choose its paid version to continue with it. In the free version you can avail only limited features and a few research a day, so I recommend you to try its paid version after you tried free version. The paid allows you to do unlimited research and to use very important features by which you can rank your site very high. It will teach you all the steps those train you to be a successful blogger. What do you think of top bloggers how did they reach there. They worked on SEO tools in that SEMrush is counted almost on the top. You can see on the top bloggers blog they also recommend SEO tools and particularly SEMrush and Ahrefs. If you wish to reach your blog on the top you must try it and then decide you should continue with it or not.
Try Semrush today and get your Site/Blog high ranked. It's a very nice SEO tool that is available for Bloggers and Webmasters. If you are really interested to rank your site then start doing keyword research on this  and get your site on first page. You can see here the report of any blog/website like its Oraganic traffic, backlinks, PageRank and much more. Don't think of money if you want to get success in blogging, you will have to invest a little because nothing is free in the world. If something is free that is not much beneficial.
I hope that you have understood all about SEMrush, if you deem something missing let me know in comments. Ask queries, Share it with your friends.

Add facebook page like button on your site

If you have one or more facebook pages and along with this you have Blog or Website. It's very easy to increase your fans on your facebook page.
Creating a facebook page 'Like' button is simple. You have to follow only some steps as described below : -
* Go to
* Fill size of Button
* Generate Code ( HTML Code )
Now you will have an HTML code copy it and paste it on your Blog or Website where you want to show it.
When someone click on the Like Button your page Automatically will be liked. You can also show or hide number of fans around the Button. This is a simple way to get more and more likes for your facebook fan page. A site must have a facebook fan page to get more and more traffic. When facebook users will come across to your facebook fan page 50-70% people will visit your site. Your contents must be unique and helpful otherwise your visitors never come again to your site.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO techniques to improve site traffic

There is a lot of Bloggers those don't know what is Off-Page SEO. So today I am going to help them so that they could know it and get benefits.
Off-Page SEO is a trick by which a Blogger can easily increase traffic on his/her blog/site. Actually to see our Blog on the top/first page we have to do something that is necessary to get more and more traffic to our site.
Read this post carefully and follow my instructions -
To rank the site on the top a Blogger needs to understand the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). When you will have understood it properly then it will be easy for you to rank your Blog and its posts on the top.
You can't find your Blog on the first page until your Blog's SEO is incomplete because when all the Search Engines indexes a visitor's keywords it looks up the SEO of Blogs and whose SEO looks the best to Search Engines that is shown on the Top.
It's very hard or likely impossible to be a Successful Blogger without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your Blog.
To rank a Blog the Blogger has to optimize his blog posts in two ways :-
1) On-Page SEO
2) Off-Page SEO
On-Page SEO : - Before publishing a post whatever we do in a post to show it on the top it all comes under the On-Page SEO. When we create a new post we have to see something before publish it. Check all important factors of On-Page SEO like Title, Description, Image, Category, Tags and so on, so that we could get enough traffic from the Search Engines.
Off-Page SEO : - After publishing a post whatever we do to rank our post and blog it all comes under the Off-Page SEO. As On-Page SEO is necessary to show our post in search as well as Off-Page SEO is necessary to rank our post and blog.
After it all I think it's clear to you that what is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO ?
Let's now learn how to fetch the traffic on our Blog and how to show posts on the top.
How Off-Page SEO sends traffic on our Blog ?
Here is some points those are related to Off-Page SEO that helps to improve ranking the blog.
1) Social Networking Sites
The best way to promote a Blog is joining Social Networking Sites like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and so on...
Social Networking Sites are first and most important part of Off-Page SEO that is used the most. These all can increase your site traffic very well.
Social Networking Sites are always good for promoting a Blog or anything else because on the social networking sites whole the world is connected with each other.
If you want to promote your Blog rightly, So I will recommend you to Join Social Networks. You may have already joined social networks, it's good. If you haven't joined any Social Networking sites yet join today and keep on sharing your Blog posts on these.
Some Social Networking : -
2) Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Submission very important for the Blog's Off-Page SEO. To submit a site on Search Engines like
is called Search Engine Submission. It's necessary to submit a site in Search Engines.
Now you may have thinking that why is it necessary to Submit a site on Search Engines ?
When someone search anything and the result is also available on your site then Search Engines sends the visitor to your site. In this way you are getting organic traffic from the side of Search Engines. So isn't it necessary ? So do submit your site on Search Engines.
The benefit of submitting Blog in a popular Search Engine is that all our Blog posts save in the Database of the Search Engine and when any visitor Search anything on that Search Engine if your site has the relevant contents to the keywords Search Engine shows it on its page. This gives you organic traffic that is very important to a Blog. So I will again suggest you to Submit your site on Search Engines.
3) Posting on Forums
Forum posting is also a part of Off-Page SEO. Search the forums relating to your Blog and answer to the questions properly. Helping the people will promote your Blog. More and more people will know about your Blog and you will have a strong network. Always find those forums where your Blog link can be added.
Site for forum posting -
4) Blog Directory Submission
There are lots of free sites where you can submit your Blog to increase your Blog traffic. In Blog Directory Submission you can submit your site on - zoominfo, DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, One mission etc.
Sites for Blog Directory Submission -
5) Social Bookmarking Sites
This one is also a good idea to promote a Blog on Internet. Keep in mind always bookmark your Blog post on on high ranking sites like -StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Indiblogger and so on. The benefit of bookmarking your site on Social Bookmarking Sites is that you will get amazing traffic by them.
Some Social Bookmarking Sites -
6) Link Exchange Strategies
In Off-Page SEO this is a good way to promote your Blog. All you have to do is search the related blog to yours and make the contact with its webmaster/publisher. Give the URL of his blog on your blog and ask him for giving your blog URL in his blog post. In this way you will get the traffic from that blog where your URL is given.
It makes a good backlink for your blog and increase your Blog's Google rank.
7) Images Sharing Sites
By sharing photos you can do Off-Page SEO of your blog. Now the question raises how is it possible ?
It's very easy to get traffic by sharing images. If you use  unique images in your blog posts then you can share them in top photo sharing sites like - picase, photo bucket, flicker etc.
The memorable thing is that before uploading the image give your blog URL in the image anywhere. When someone will view your image your blog URL may attract the viewer's attention. some of them will ignore it but lots of them absolutely visit it.
8) Article Submission
When uploading a new post on your blog don't forget to share it on top article submission sites. Some of article submission sites promote your post free of cost. It gives a deep link to your post and sends traffic to your blog.
9) Classifieds Submission Sites
Classifieds Submission Sites offer free advertising for the sites, product and business. By this method you will get traffic without any investment.
Sites for Classifieds Submission
10) Paid Advertisement
If you are a Blogger or businessman you can promote your blog or product by investing some money but I assure you you will earn more than your investment. It's the fastest way to promote a Blog or product.
Paid Advertising Sites
Google AdWords
Paid to click sites
Revenue sharing program
11) Ask & Reply
This is a good trick to promote your site. If in any forum someone asks any question and your blog has the related post in your blog you can leave your blog link there with mentioned keywords. By this trick your blog traffic will be increased along with a backlink.
Ask or Reply here
12) Submit Guest Post

All Important Settings in Android Phones

Why Settings are necessary ?

Settings is an important tool to manage a device properly while that is a Mobile, PC, Machine etc. If without 

completing proper settings we use a device or machine it may misbehave or can harm your property.

For example if an Android user Browse internet on its Phone without completing APN settings then the main balance deducts continuously till the data connection is On.

Another example of Machine if a worker operate a machine without knowing its settings then machine maybe defective and you will have to fulfill the loss.
I hope that you have understood why completing Settings is necessary of a Device or Machine. So now let's come to the point with wasting anymore time.
Android Important Settings

◆ Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is used to connect with another device to share files and data. You can browse internet without activating a data pack on your device if a Wi-Fi connection is On without any security code.

Turn on Wi-Fi -> Your Device will show local Wi-Fi connection list those are On right now -> Try them which is open without any Security code
After turning on Wi-Fi -> More -> Allow always scanning

It will automatically detect and gives you information of the Wi-Fi that is available while your Wi-Fi is off.

◆ Mobile hotspot and tethering

This is a function that allows/disallows a user sharing files or data to anybody else. If someone turned on his data connection and his Hotspot is also On knowing or unknowingly then someone can use his data by connecting via his Wi-Fi.
You can disallow others using your data by doing this setting -

Settings -> Mobile hotspot and tethering -> turn on mobile hotspot -> More -> Configure Mobile hotspot -> Name your Network whatever you wish -> Select WPA2 PSK under security -> Enter your Password ( at least 8 characters ) -> Save

◆ SIM card manager

Under this setting option you can activate or deactivate any SIM without removing it from your phone.
In this setting you will see an option 'Voice call' that ask you to select a preferred SIM card for outgoing calls
Second option 'Text and multimedia messages' also ask to select a preferred SIM card for outgoing messages.
Third option 'Data Service Network' It also ask to select a preferred SIM card for browsing Internet.

◆ Mobile Networks

In this setting section you find all internet connection settings. You can also check your Phone generation here like 2G/3G/4G/LTE.
First option 'Data roaming' keep it always on because it allows you to browse internet while you are in roaming area, without any extra charges.
Second option 'Access Point Name' in this section you will need to save Internet Settings that is sent by telecom company. You can also add APN settings manually.
Third and fourth option 'Network Mode SIM1/SIM2' It ask you to select preferred network mode. SIM 1 Network mode should be higher than SIM2.
Fifth option 'Network Operators' that is used for searching network.

◆ Sounds and Notification

This setting is used for setting a ringtone and setting ringtone volume for calls, messages, system etc.

◆ Display

This option allows you to set screen brightness, change text font, screen timeout.

◆ Applications

Under this option you can see all installed apps on your device. You can manage them here easily. Uninstall any app here whatever you wish.

◆ Wallpaper

This option offers you to select a preferred wallpaper for your device that will be shown always on your screen. Here, You can set your own photo from your Gallery as a wallpaper.

◆ Themes

In this option you can see some themes offered by Mobile Company. You can select any theme as per your choice.

◆ Lock screen and security

This is a security feature that do not let see your data until the user doesn't know the security pin/pattern.
You will see 'Find My Mobile' is used to track your phone when your phone lost or theft/snatched.
Another option in this feature you will see Unknown sources keep it always Off it do not let harmful apps to be installed without your permission.

◆ Accounts

In this Section you will see all your Signed in Accounts. You can add or remove any account from here.

◆ Backup and reset

This is also a nice feature that helps a user to take backup of his files and reset all factory data.

◆ Language and input

In this section you can change your phone language in which you feel comfortable to operate your phone.
In the same section you will an option 'Spelling Correction' keep it always On because when you text/write something and by mistake or due to less literacy you type wrong keywords then it will automatically correct it.

◆ Battery

In this section you can see your phone's battery status. Keep On 'percentage on status bar' to show percentage of your charged battery.

◆ Storage

In this important part of your Mobile Settings you can see used and available space status of Internal & External Storage.
In this section you can see an option 'Unmount SD card' you can activate or deactivate your SD card without removing it from your phone.
Another option in this section 'Format SD card' helps you to free your SD card space completely.

◆ Date and Time

This function is important for the setting of correct date and time. Sometimes phone and watches show wrong time & date, if you keep 'Automatic date and time' option On your phone won't show wrong time and date anytime. Turn on both Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone.

◆ About Phone/Device

In this section you can see your phone details like Device name, model, version and so on.
You can also update your phone from here by clicking on the top 'Download updates manually'. There is also a option that allows you to update your phone when updates and internet are available.
Did you like the article ? If Yes/No let me know in the comment box. Share it with your circle so that they could learn it as you learned.

Top 10 Biggest Mobile Companies 2017

Nowadays all Mobile Companies are reducing their mobile prices to increase their marketplace. New mobile phones are launching continuously those are playing a good role in reducing prices of old mobiles.
As all of you know that China is the biggest producer of lots of products but India has banned its products in India because of some border strategies. It may affect on Chinese GDP and its production. I'm giving you a current list of Top 10 Biggest Mobile Companies. It maybe different according to other websites but as far as I found in my facebook survey I got the list like this : -

(1) Samsung: The South Korean company in the world with 21 percent share in the smartphone market is set to first place.
(2) Apple: This is American company that has launched very smart and expensive phones. Its phones are very costly, so it couldn't sell it's much more products. It has set to second place.
(3) Huawei: Share of Huawai of the global smartphone company in China peaked number three. Its mobiles are becoming popular day by day and increasing its marketplace.
(4) OPPO: Top 5 in the second Chinese company Oppo with 7.1 percent share of the global smartphone market in the third Oppo. Oppo where Lenovo overtaken fourth place.
(5) Vivo: Vivo is a famous Chinese Smartphone Company, who beat out Xiaomi and achieved the fifth position. In the third quarter share of 5.9 percent. Vivo is considered most famous and smart mobile in all.
(6) OnePlus: OnePlus is the Chinese company. The company lastly launched a very nice looking phone with affordable prices.
(7) Xiaomi: It is now taking big steps for expanding their company to deliver best services as there are many expectations.
(8) Lenovo: Lenovo smart phones are good enough and people love those, so they deserve position in the top 10 Chinese best smartphone brands.
(9) LG: The LG mobiles are among the most loved gadgets. It deserves to be counted in top 10 companies. It is ranked 9th in the list of Top 10.
(10) Sony: Sony is ranked tenth in the list.
Hope that there is no doubt in this list because you know that which mobile company is holding the market's largest share. If you think of any change in the list then you can tell me in the comments, so that I could improve it. But as far as I think there is nothing to change in this list.

Offline file transfer by apps [ Apps available on PlayStore ]

A Glance at History

There was a time when nobody knew what a mobile/phone is. It was out of depth of human that a person can talk to another person without visiting him directly. And now you can see we are not only talking to our friends or relatives but chatting by text, watching by video call, entertaining by videos & songs, calculating and many more tasks also have became possible in this era.
Some years ago we used our files like playing music, watching songs and movies and reading eBooks and later it became possible to share or receive files by 'Bluetooth' that is a default file transfer tool of every multimedia phone. As the time passed by new things started to come in human life to make it easier. There are many companies those are developing and launching their apps in the market. Their apps can be downloaded from various apps downloading platform like PlayStore, Amazon app store, 9apps etc. These companies are trying to create alternative apps to be on the top, because of this they will have to invest a lot money to promote their apps amongst the people. So, in this way a user can install their apps clicking on their Advertisement. Now let's come to point that we will cover here.

File transfer apps
You have read above that initially there was only 'Bluetooth' tool to transfer files one to another device. And now in the world of apps many apps are created that can transfer a file very quickly no matter how much its size is. Let's begin without wasting anymore time : -
1) Zapya
Zapya is one the most preferred file transfer application that transfer files very quickly and easily. This is available for Android, iOS, window and PC. This app has an amazing feature that allows the user to connect with multiple users at a time. This app is being used by millions of people if you don't believe you can check its downloads and rating on PlayStore.
When connecting Zapya between two devices one has to tap on 'Create Group' and other on 'Search and Join'.
2) SHAREit
This is also an awesome file transfer application used by millions of people in various countries. This app can be used on Android, iOS, Window and PC. It is very fast to share a file to another device. Check its downloads and rating on PlayStore it might be nearest to Zapya. In case of file transfer between Phone and PC open the app in both and a QR code will be shown in PC scan that by phone after completing the scanning devices will be connected.
When connecting SHAREit with another device one has to click on 'Send' button and other on 'Recieve'.
3) Xender
Xender is an interesting file transfer application that is supported on Android, iOS, Window and PC to transfer files offline. Multiple users are allowed to be connected at a time. To connect a phone to a PC, search and open on PC and scan the showing QR code by phone. Devices will be connected when scanning finished.
4) Sharecloud
It's an easy file transfer application but it has less downloads than above applications but its rating is good. The reason behind unpopularity of this app is that people are preffering Zapya and SHAREit most therefore they don't try it. But I assure you it's not so bad as you think. Try it and enjoy if like.

These were apps those transfer files offline used on Android, iOS, window and PC. I know a few more apps but I  didn't tell about them because those are not so quick to transfer files. If you have used any other app that is fast in sharing files please do mention in comments so that I could list that in this post.

Android apps that pay you money [ 100% working apps ]

As far as I can guess on which phone you are reading this article is a Smartphone. Do you know that you can make some money by your phone that you can transfer in your E-wallet, Bank or recharge on your SIM card. I have come across lots of apps but I wouldn't like to waste your precious time, so I will tell you only those apps that helped me to make some money.
So let's begin with the first app and its some important features. You can read about its features if you face any problem to work on the apps.

Apps to earn money

1. TaskBucks
TaskBucks is one of the best app that made me PayTM cash and recharges fastest. According to me it's the best and if you know any other better than it so leave a comment and tell me so that I could add that in this list. If you download the app directly from PlayStore then you won't be rewarded Bonus from the app. So I recommend you to download this app from the link. If you are asked a promo code then you will have enter z5aj59sa.
How to earn
◆ Download the apps and keep it for limited time
◆ Download daily an app to get guaranteed 1 rupee
◆ Take part in contest
◆ Share the app to get up to 100
◆ Check other methods

Bulb Smash
It's a game that pays money for playing the game. In this game you will have to break blowing bulbs that is an easy task. You may heard lots of applications that offer money but their payment system is fraud. They ask you to use their apps by which they earn a lot of money and you don't get any payment because they have fixed payment threshold too much that can't be achieved easily. In this game I assure you can get payment in only single day. The game developer pays 100 players daily and how much they get paid you can see in the game. One who comes on first rank get Rs 350, in this way 100 players get paid daily.
Keep in mind before get started
● Download the game only from the link to get bonus from the game
● Play game online to make money, ignore Advertisements because its not necessary to click on them
● A player can earn up to Rs 350 if he/she breaks bulbs more than others.
● Daily 100 players are rewarded and you can check in the game how much first, second, third........... hundredth player get paid.
● You must have a PayTM wallet to get paid your earnings. It's not necessary to create a PayTM wallet instantly because you get the money when you cross the payment threshold that is Rs 100
● To earn more money by this game Invite friends to Download the game from your link because you get Rs 10 per download.
● Keep in mind you get money for breaking blowing bulbs, but there is no harm if break unblowing bulbs.

Hope that you will enjoy this game and get PayTM cash. Let me know in comments what do you say about this game.

Android web app creating without coding [ web2apk free ]

Today I am going to tell you about a simple and free trick by which you can create your blog or website apk just in two minutes. One more thing that you would like is apk size won't so much, it will be less than 300 kbs. Isn't it amazing ? Yes, off course. So let's know some importance of making an android web app.
● Your visitors can install it because it's not too big
● It may increase your readership
● Direct site access
● Latest posts update automatically
● All things same to your site
● Easy sharing
● eligible to upload on Google Play ( PlayStore )

Let's now create an android web app for our website to get above benefits. See the screenshot given below and fill it carefully

Turn a website into android apk

◆ URL : - Enter or paste the URL of your website, blog, YouTube channel, facebook fan page or twitter account.
◆ App Title : - Enter the name for your App to make it public.
◆ Icon : - Upload App Icon for the App. It must be attractive and suitable to your App.
{ Note : Every kind of logo won't be able to show as App Icon, so you can use any Logo maker Application or website to create a logo for your App. You can use 'Logo Foundry' app to create a working Logo for your App }
👉 Now you can click on 'CREATE MY APP'
Tap on 'Show Advanced Settings' If you want to make any custom changes. You will see this page, make some changes if you want otherwise you can tap on 'CREATE MY APP'
● Screen orientation : - Choose Vertical orientation to make the app fully mobile friendly.
● Welcome screen : - Write a short Welcome Note that will be appear when app will be opened.
● Network error screen : - Write the error note when there is no network available.
● Exit screen : - write exit note to verify exit or cancel.
● Links : - Remove 'Google' from this field and leave it blank.

👍 Now tap on 'CREATE MY APP'
Your App will be successfully created in few seconds. You will see downloading link in the bottom of the page, Download the App and Install. Try it and share with your friends. Leave its link on your Blog or upload it to Google Play.

Submit guest post to improve your blog traffic [Free SEO]

If you have a blog on that you are working regularly and posting valuable articles but you are not getting good response from the visitors then must follow some instructions. There are lots of ways by which a site can get more and more pageviews but most of them are costly or long time process. Here we are going to talk about free method that is 'Guest Post' on other blogs.

What is Guest Post ?
As you know that whatever a blogger writes on his blog is called an article or blog post as well as if a blogger writes an article to publish on any other blog that is not his own blog, that article/post is called guest post. Every blogger fixes some rules & regulations/terms and conditions for accepting a guest post.

 When you are writing a Guest Post to any blog you must know some important things : -
● Write a Guest Post, only for that blog that has similar contents to your blog. In other words we can say that guest post should write for same niche blog.
● Whom for you are writing a Guest Post that should be a familiar blog that gets lots of pageviews daily like shoutmeloud blog.
● Include important links of your blog in Guest Post to attract the visitors.
● Do tell about yourself and your blog in a Guest Post so that readers could know about you.
● Write always long article in about 1000 words that should be neat and clean.
● Use SEO friendly images that should be created by you. Don't upload any downloaded image otherwise you may have to face strike.
● Before submitting a Guest Post check all of these - Title, Heading, Subheadings, Keywords, Image and its position, number of words.
● One more thing that you should remember before you submit a Guest Post, read Guest Posting terms and conditions of the blog whom you submitting it.
● If any blogger rejected your Guest Post he also tells you the reason why he rejected your Guest Post. Improve that mistake and resubmit the guest post otherwise submit it to any other blogger who allows Guest Posting.
Advantages of Guest posting -
✔ You get a backlink (maybe dofollow) from a reputed blog that every blog needs to grow.
✔ It improves your blog performance stats that increase your blog revenue.
✔ It increases number of visitors those read your posts regularly.
✔ If your Guest Post gets good response you will be closer to the blog owner.
✔ It will work for you as an Advertisement that is always free for you.
✔ It will improve your mistakes you make in your blog posts. When any blogger rejects a Guest Post he also tells the reason for rejection.

Google Adsense : What is CPC, CTR, RPM, CPM in Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best platform to monetize a blog and make money on the web. A blogger get paid for Ad impressions and valid Ad clicks served by Google. Revenue is debited in the Adsense account of blogger. But in last some weeks I'm getting many more messages regarding Adsense Report understanding, so I thought to reply all of them and like of them to make understand the Adsense Report through my blog post. In this article I will be talking all about Adsense Report understanding. After reading this article you will know that how Google Adsense pays to his clients.
You have published number of posts/articles on your blog and along with this you have published some pages, if a visitor go through them it is counted every time. It doesn't matter if a visitor view a page once, twice or thrice.
CPC stands for Cost Per Click that means how much a blogger get paid on a single Ad click. It is determined by the Advertisers who is paying to Google to promote his product or services. CPC is based on Keywords, high CPC keywords pays more amount. To get high CPC keywords for a blog post or article Google Keyword Planner can be used that is free forever. There are some paid sites that can show you latest high CPC keywords if pay for their service. Semrush and Ahrefs are one of them that is preferred by successful bloggers.
CTR stands for Click Through Rate that means percentage of Ad click. To calculate CTR you can see its formula -
CTR = (Clicks/No of pageviews) * 100
for example today your blog got 4 click on 500 pageviews then
CTR = (6/500) * 100 = 1.2 %
It should not be higher than 3 or 5% otherwise you may have to face problems regarding your account. Sometimes accounts are blocked by Google due to the suspension of invalid click activity.
CTR has three kinds -

1. Page CTR
2. Impression CTR
3. Ad CTR
CPM stands for Cost Per Thousands that is paid a blogger for 1000 Ad impressions. It is counted on 1000 Ad impressions. Have you known anything here ? You are not paid only for Ad clicks but also for Ad impressions received.

RPM stands for Rate Per Thousand that means estimated earning of a blogger for 1000 Ad impressions. It doesn't mean actual earning therefore it's called estimated earning. To calculate it see the formula used for it -
CPM = (estimated earning/pageviews) * 1000
Ad Impressions
It means how many times Ad was shown on the web page. For example you have embedded 2 Ad units in a single article and that article is read by three people on different devices then pageviews will be 3 and Ad impressions will be 3*2=6

Hope that you have understood all about Adsense Report and its importance. If deem it interesting do share it with your friends who are making money from Google Adsense.

Monetize your blog with Ad Networks [ Fast & Easy Approval ]

If you have created a site so I would like to recommend you to Apply for Google Adsense that is a most popular Contextual Ad Network works throughout the world. But lots of bloggers are worried about the Google Adsense Approval. I also applied for Adsense but I didn't get approval for one of my accounts because having original and unique contents is not enough to get approved. There lots of stuff that Google looks in your blog.

Here I'm going to share my own experience that I use on my other Blog to make money from that. This is called Affiliate Ad Networks or Google Adsense Alternatives. Here I would like to clear you that the biggest bloggers are making more from Google Alternatives than Google Adsense. But in mind all Ad Networks doesn't approve your site at once they look into your blog and after that they approve or reject your application within some working days. There are some Ad Networks those approve any blog without any terms & condition and some of them pays very well sum.

Fast Approval Ad Networks

RevenueHits is very good Ad Network that offer its affiliate program. Publishers place its Ads on their sites and when a user click an Ad and take any action then publishers get paid. It doesn't pay for Ad click or impression.

Propeller Ads
It is one of those Ad Networks that approve any site instantly and pays for Ad click and impression and so on.

It is an old Ad Network it also approve any blog instantly and let the bloggers earn. But its Ad its Ads are not high quality Ads. One of a good thing in it is various kinds of Ads that increase the chances of more Ad clicks.

Chitika is a good Ad Network that approves a blog within some minutes. It is recommended by big bloggers that if a blogger has good search traffic on his site then its good for him. But if the site's major traffic is from Social Media so don't use it otherwise you will say I am cheated at the time of payment.

There are some more Ad Networks that you can try if you get approval from them : -


That's it. If you liked the article let more bloggers know it by sharing on Social Media. If you are using any other Ad Networks please mention that in the comments or by contact form. The Best Google Adsense Alternative By Yahoo ! Bing for Bloggers

There are many Ad networks those pay for showing Advertisement on a blog or website. These Ad networks either pay for Pay Per Click or Per Action. Ad networks those pay for Pay Per Click are called PPC Ad networks and others are Direct Ad networks. When we think of making money from our website or blog the first name of Ad network comes of Google Adsense. There are lots of reasons because of that Google is most preferred Ad network amongst the Bloggers. Contextual Ads give better revenue than direct Ads and Adsense is most trusted Contextual Ad network that can never cheat its publishers. But lots of bloggers/publishers lose their hope of making money with Google Adsense because Adsense Approval process is very hard and on the other hand they disable or suspend any blog or website due to many reasons. Therefore a number of publishers are using its Alternatives those pay very well sum but less than Google Adsense. Some of Bloggers are earning from Affiliate Marketing double or triple to Google Adsense account. Today I am going to talk about a Ad Network that is the second biggest Ad network of the world powered by Yahoo and Bing together.

Bing search engine is introduced by Bill Gates who is the richest person of the world. Ad Network is one of the best Contextual Ad network because its Approval Process is easier than Google Adsense. They approve any blog related to any niche. One more important thing you can use Google Adsense and Ads on the same site that's good to earn more with the blog. Some of the rules are same as Google Adsense like : -
#1  Content should be original and well structured
#2  Enough material should be published
#3  Site should be at least some months old
#4  Revenue in Account
#5  Creating different types of Ads and customize them according to the choice
#6  Site must have traffic etc. doesn't approve an account if you have a site created with subdomain. If you are using Google Blogger your account will be rejected every time because it is offered by Google and its all services are provided free. So, if you want Approved Account your site should have a custom domain name and the site should have a paid hosting not on blogger. approve all small and big blogs related to any niche. If you Sign up today they will respond you within 2 working days. If your account gets approval then log in to your account and create Ad unit and customize if you want and then implement the code on your blog.

Keep in mind Ads may not be served at once, it takes some days because your site will be under review for some days. One more thing to remember doesn't show your revenue on the same day, it takes 1 to 3 days to be processed your revenue but impressions shows at once. Don't worry it's not a big problem because they don't cheat their publishers. You don't get paid only for Clicks but also for Impression RPM (Rate Per Thousand) like Google Adsense. Sometimes gives higher CPC and RPM than Google Adsense.

It's also a Contextual Ad (Ads based on content) network like Google Adsense. If you have a blog about Mobile reviews then will show mobile and mobile accessories Ads on your blog.

If I talk about its payment threshold it is $100 that is similar to Google Adsense but still pays by two payment methods first is PayPal and another one is wire-transfer.

That's all about I know, if you knew anything more about it I will update that. If you know anything more about please do tell me in the comment so that it could be a perfect article on please share it on your social networks if you think it important.

Create own app for free and make money: Thunkable :

   Nowadays lots of people are trying to get success in the world of online work but they lose their hope when can't get approval from the Advertisement Networks. Therefore people join this world with the great pleasure but unfortunately 30-40% people leave it considering it a toil or long time process to earn some money. It's obviously true that nobody can be rich in this world within some days, it takes some time to reach you on a level. All the bloggers and others too know that in the world of online work Google Adsense is the best but getting an approved account is so much hard of it. Today I am going to tell you about an another service of Google by which everyone can make money from the Google Ads. Its approval is fast & quick and making money starts from the same day. Isn't it a good way to earn ?
You will earn definitely earn from Google Ads but I am not talking about Google Adsense, it's AdMob that is another service of Google that serves Google Ads on the applications (apk file). So, as you have known that this service is available to work on the apps created by app developers. There are many sites those allow apps developing in both mode free and paid. The method I'll be sharing with you is always free.

How to create an App with Thunkable ? is a website that allows to create apps at no cost and it works on both Phone and PC that's good for Android users. If you open then you will create your app successfully but can't place AdMob Ads because there will be no option to place Ads. Lots of users face this problem and ask on the website and their friends, they got different-different answers but I will share my working experience with you. You have to open the beta version of this site that is and you will see the same interface and then start creating an app by clicking Create New App. 

Steps to create new app  :-
* Create New App
* App Name 
* Click on App Name
* Uncheck Title visible option
* Drag the buttons to the mobile screen showing on the webpage
* Customize buttons as you wish using properties
* Click any button in the mobile screen showing on the webpage
* Add screen and rename if you want
* Drag image option using User interface
* Upload image file
* Click on Blocks
* Click on Button 1
* Click on when button 1 click
* Click on control
* Put up open another screen and join with when button1 click
* Click on Text
* Click the topmost icon and set with open with another screen, name that screen that you added
* Click on Experimental 
* Click on AdMob Banner or AdMob Interstitial
* Enter/Paste Ad unit ID that you generated
* Click on Export
* App (save apk to my computer)
➡ Install it and then use how it looks like and make sure Ads are showing or not.

If you didn't understand it all properly you will see a video link here shortly so that you can do all things rightly.

Always keep in mind you can share or upload your app anywhere to make money but cannot click your own Ads otherwise your account maybe disable or suspend. I would like to suggest you that don't cheat Google using VPNs because Google is not that what you estimate. Google can detect your every activity whether you are a hacker because that is the father of hackers. Search anyone in your community who earned and got payment from Google using tricks, hope that you can't find. You will be get paid for every click but maintain the CTR that should not cross 10%. When you will earn $10 you will be sent a pin verification letter to your registered address and after reaching the payment threshold that is $100 you can ask for payment via wire-transfer or cheque. Google says to ask for the payment after 22 of every month. You will definitely get money if you earned honestly.

Hope it helped you, let me know your experience, queries and suggestions in the comments. Take Care of yourself

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Telecom is reeling under mass layoffs. Casualties so far: 75,000 jobs & counting (India)

MUMBAI: The telecom sector lost a fourth of its workforce, or some 75,000 employees, in the last one year as operators, tower firms and vendors consolidate to remain afloat in the severely competitive industry.

In the telecom industry, manpower accounts for 4-5% of the costs, but in the last few years there was no reining in of salaries. Now that expenses need to be harnessed, employees will be the first casualty.

Players are shutting shop, shrinking operations and shedding flab in terms of both permanent and contract employees to run a tight ship, and now only 75% of the workforce remain from a year ago. More exits are on the anvil.

“About a year ago, there were three lakh employees, 25% of which have moved out of the sector in the last 12 months,” said A Ramachandran, partner at search firm Ema Partners. Most job losses are through involuntary attrition, which means they have been asked to go by the companies with a few months’ notice and a severance package of 3-6 months’ salary in some cases.

Ramachandran said that 35-40% of employees in vendor companies have left the sector while operators have seen 25-30% of their workforce shrink in the same period.
For the 2.25 lakh employees left in the sector, the turbulent period has just started because once mergers take place overlapping areas will see manpower further slashed.

Those who have niche skills will find it harder to adapt to other industries and this, say recruiters, is likely to affect middle- and senior-level employees who will have fewer places to go to.

“About 50% of the employees in the telecom sector are middle managers and at least 25-30% of them who quit or were asked to go belong to this category,” said Vivek Mehta, executive director for ABC Consultants, who oversees telecom hiring. This means about 20,000 employees from the mid segment are not employed by the industry anymore.

Atop executive in an incumbent telco said the company is not refilling vacant posts anytime soon.

According to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, about 1.5 million jobs were lost in January-April 2017, which means fewer places to get hired when overall employment in India Inc has dipped.

ABC Consultants’ Mehta added that there will be another, fresh round of exits once mergers take shape since consolidation is still in approval stages for many. “There will be at least another 15% reduction in manpower,” he says.

The telecom sector, reeling under Rs 5 lakh crore of debt and facing a sharp fall in revenue, profitability and free cash flows, has been on a consolidation spree since Reliance Jio’s entry in September last year. Second-ranked telco Vodafone India and No. 3 Idea Cellular are on track to merge while Bharti Airtel has announced its intentions to pick up the wireless business of Tata Teleservices, having earlier bought Telenor India.

Reliance Communications has decided to plug most of its wireless business by November end, while Aircel is believed to be concentrating on a few niche circles and winding up business in others.

It is not just the mobile phone operators but even those in the vendor segment and tower companies too have been shedding flab. The impact has been such that a recruitment company's head, who did not want to be named, said that his telecom vertical now has only two hiring agents, down from eight members a few months ago.

Recruiters say there has been a 35-40% increase in resumes coming in from employees in the telecom sector who want to exit the industry as soon as possible. The employees across levels are gearing to take a pay cut and head for the e-commerce, transport, logistics and FMCG.

Hiring experts say those who have been asked to leave have got wages of a few months as severance packages. Another recruiter told ET on condition of anonymity that few of the telcos cutting costs and changing their business outlook have reached out to them to outplace their employees.

An outplacement agency helps candidates who have been retrenched look for another job or get skilled. The company that is letting go often reaches out to the outplacement firms.

Kris Lakshmikanth, chairman of search firm Headhunters India, has seen a 10-15% drop in hiring at the senior management level and has noticed 25-33% drop in the overall workforce strength of the industry.

Staffing firms said clients are asking for more contract employees with knowledge of software and technical aspects of tower and infrastructure business.

“The last one year has been almost lull for us from the operators’ side, but we expect hiring demand coming in from infrastructure and tower companies as investments pick up in the segment and towers and fibre cables are laid down,” says Rituparna Chakraborty, executive vice president, Teamlease Services.

5 Microsoft Made Android Apps You May Not Know About

Windows Phone may be struggling to prove itself as a great mobile OS, but Microsoft is not seeming to hope people to buy a Windows Phone to use their services and apps, rather than that, the Redomond Giant is creating tons of apps for other mobile platforms.

Most people have already heard about Microsoft Office, Bing and OneDrive etc but there is more to it. Some apps for android made by Microsoft are not just bunch of ports, instead they are surprisingly good and innovative to use.

Lets take look on Microsoft’s top 5 Android Apps that you may not have heard about.

Arrow Launcher

Recently launched for public use, Arrow Launcher is a full flagged Android Home Screen replacement. It tries to make stuff easily accessible by showing user recently used apps and recently contacted people on the home screen.

Arrow Launcher is not a flat style launcher. It has its own visual style and if you wish, you can use third party icon packs with the launcher to customize the visual experience. The launcher also packs a vertical app drawer with a handy search bar on the top to make app access quicker.

Next Lock Screen

Initially started as a garage project on Microsoft,It is an excellent option to use with the Arrow Launcher. Next Lock Screen is a replacement for the stock lock screen. It works on all Android Smartphone running version 4.1 or higher. Next Lock Screen makes it easy to launch apps right from your Lock-screen.
t can also show you your all notifications on the lockscreen. Aimed at professionals, it makes it possible to view and act on notifications without unlocking the phone.
on{X} is currently in beta but in my use, I did not find any bugs. It is a bit complex to use at first. Initially, using this you can automate tons of thing on your Android Phone. Such as you can set your Phone to mute once you get to your office. The app requires Facebook login to work.
Honestly, IFTTT is good at doing this, but as it is made by Microsoft, it deserves to be on this list.

OneNote is well known Note taking app by Microsoft, but some people find it too feature rich and cumbersome to use. Parchi is a great tiny note taking app. It sizes only 4MB and it is also easy to use. You can use hashtags (#tags) to link notes on a specific topic. Parchi was also started as a Microsoft Garage project.


OneNote is well known Note taking app by Microsoft, but some people find it too feature rich and cumbersome to use. Parchi is a great tiny note taking app. It sizes only 4MB and it is also easy to use. You can use hashtags (#tags) to link notes on a specific topic. Parchi was also started as a Microsoft Garage project.

In Parachi, you can create several types of notes and you can also take action on them (calling someone as an example)

Parchi looks clean is definitely worth giving a try.

Office Lens

The name says all about it, Office Lens is a scanning app and it can take photos and convert them to usable PDFs and other formats.

Office Lens works really well with Microsoft Office apps for Android. After you take a photo of a Printed page or a clipboard, the Microsoft app will cut all the unnecessary stuff out and you will be presented with a clean and neat scanned that can be used with Microsoft Word Documents and other apps.
You can use the app to save scans to OneDrive, in Gallery as Image and even as a PDF not to mention that it also sends them to Office Apps

Apart from these apps, do you know any other cool Android App that is made my Microsoft? How many of these were already know by you?

Share With us on the comments below….

Compact COM Express-based subsystem packs plenty of DAQs

Diamond’s rugged, Linux-ready “Zeta” subsystem combines a COM Express Mini Type 10 module based on Apollo Lake or Bay Trail SoCs with a DAQ-rich carrier.

Diamond Systems has launched an Intel-based data acquisition SBC called the Zeta, which unlike most sandwich-style SBCs, has a top and bottom layer that match perfectly. The Zeta’s COM Express Mini Type 10 module sits between a similarly compact, 84 x 55mm carrier board and a bottom-mounted heat spreader plate. The combined SBC supports -40 to 85°C temperatures, and offers 6-36V DC input power operation.
The Zeta COM Express Mini Type 10, which Diamond does not appear to be promoting as a standalone computer-on-module product, supports the quad-core Atom E3940 and Pentium N4200 from Intel’s Apollo Lake generation, as well as a dual-core Atom E3825 from the earlier Bay Trail family. The announcement implies that Diamond will eventually follow up with a COM Express Mini Type 10 module with a future Atom processor so you can upgrade the system without discarding the carrier board and heat spreader.
Zeta (left) and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

According to Diamond, the 84 x 55mm Zeta offers functionality and performance equivalent to Diamond’s Bay Trail-based Aries PC/104 SBC, at just 40 percent of its 116 x 102mm size. Other recent Diamond SBCs include the 3.5-inch, Skylake based Venus. Back in 2013, Diamond released a sandwich-style, Intel Atom E6x0T based Falcon EPU boardset that combined a COM Express Type 10 Mini with a baseboard. Like all these boards, and other Diamond SBCs such as last year’s Vortex86DX3 based Helix, the Zeta lacks real-world ports.
The Zeta ships with 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB RAM depending on whether you’ve selected the Atom E3825, Atom E3940, or Pentium N4200. There’s also a microSD slot, as well as a mini-PCIe slot with mSATA support. Standard features include 2x GbE, VGA, LVDS, USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, and 4x RS-232/422/485.

UC Browser has mysteriously disappeared from the Google Play Store

UC Browser for Android appears to have been taken down from the Google Play Store. The mobile-friendly version of the web browser seemingly disappeared without a trace earlier today, just weeks after the app topped 500 million downloads on Google’s mobile store.

For those unfamiliar with the name, UC Browser is developed by UCWeb, which is owned by China’s Alibaba Group. As well as being a hugely popular alternative to Google Chrome in its home region, UC Browser has an enormous base in India.

While Chrome has since reinstated some of its dominance, back in June, UC Browser became India’s favourite mobile browser and at one point grasped over 50 percent market share. In addition, it is the sixth most downloaded Android app in India.

UCWeb has also claimed that Indian users make up 100 million of its total monthly active users from around the world, with the latter figure reportedly reaching 420 million, per reports from 2016. As a result, its removal is a shocking step to say the least. It will also lead to a number of key questions, most notably: why was it removed after all this time and after so many downloads?

UC Browser’s disappearance was first spotted by the eagle-eyed netizens on Reddit, and its users have an interesting theory.Reports began swirling in August that claimed UC Browser has a rather nasty habit of stealing sensitive user data which it then sends back to remote servers in China without the user’s consent. As part of a widespread investigation into data security, Indian government officials expressed concerns that the UC Browser app continues to collect this data after it has been uninstalled, per a Times of India report.

UC Browser has come under scrutiny regarding data security concerns in the past. In 2015, Canadian researchers claimed that the Chinese and English-language version of UC Browser “made easily available to third parties personally identifiable information like location, search details and mobile subscriber and device numbers.”
Many of the Reddit posters addressing UC Browser’s unexpected disappearance seem to think that the recent allegations are to blame, as it had been thought that the app could be banned in India should the accusations hold any water.

At present there is no evidence to either confirm or deny these suspicions and both Google and UCWeb are yet to comment on the situation, at the time of writing. UCWeb has previously denied any wrongdoing, stating that it “will not do anything to breach the trust of our users” and that it takes “security and privacy very seriously.”

There’s certainly more to this story and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any official word on the matter. In the meantime, it’s worth noting that the UC Browser Mini, an alternative app built for less powerful devices, is still live on the Play Store.

Flipkart to launch its own smartphone brand Billion Capture+ today

A lot of market intelligence that was acquired over a period of time by India's leading e-commerce company Flipkart is being put to test as the company's own smartphone product is going on sale under Billion Catpure+ brand in Rs 10,000 price bracket from November 15, 2017.

Hyderabad-based homegrown technology OEM Smartron has worked on Flipkart's maiden smartphone product in terms of design and development besides getting it manufactured for the e-commerce company.

"Flipkart has a very good market intelligence. They have shared many important inputs in finalising the specifications and prototyping of the product besides the price point. We also brought in our own expertise into the design, engineering and specs of the product. We expect a good response from the phone," Smartron chairman Mahesh Lingareddy told Business Standard on Tuesday.

The partnership with Flipkart comes as a big breakthrough for Smartron as it has been looking for opportunities to build hardware devices for third party brands that work on its own software ecosystem called tronX. It is an AI-powered IoT platform that combines a range of services and applications, including IoT and cloud, according to the company.

Mahesh Lingareddy says their partnership with Flipkart will extend to other future devices of the e-commerce company as well. Between its own products such as t-phone and t-book and the third party brands, Smartron will be building a range of devices, including smartphones and wearables at 4-5 price points in the next 12 months, according to him.

Mahesh thinks that launching a new phone model every six months was an aberration introduced by the Chinese companies. "We have built a quality product based on a good software platform. A quality product like this would last 18 months, "he said. His company is also working with other companies for a range of hardware devices that will carry 'Powered by tronX' label, according to him.

Qualcomm Celebrates A Decade Of Mobile Industry Innovations

According to the company’s official blog, Qualcomm is celebrating a decade of chipsets and communications technologies manufacture today. The company may have gotten its start creating modem technologies for trucking fleets back in 1985 but it has been creating Snapdragon chips since the release of its Snapdragon S1 in 2007. It’s first entry in an Android device – the HTC Dream – was in 2008 and by 2010 Qualcomm’s unit shipments surpassed 500 million. Between that first SoC and the current run of Snapdragon 835 chips found in modern flagships, the company has accomplished quite a lot – despite current sentiments about its licensing practices. That includes a number of industry firsts and world firsts, which Qualcomm has helpfully outlined in the infographic included below. Those accomplishments expanded the company from a modem manufacturer into arguably the most important company creating Android chipsets, in addition to its existence as a top components maker for everything from self-driving cars to smartwatches.

In 2009, the company introduced the world to the industry’s first dual carrier HSPA+ chipset, followed by the first dual-core Android processors in 2010. Between 2012 and 2013, the company made the world’s first Voice over Internet Protocol mobile call via LTE and moved past LTE to introduce the very first LTE-advanced-capable SoC in the industry – with the Snapdragon 800, which was capable of 150Mbps connections. Meanwhile, 2014 was a bumper year for the company, during which it introduced more world firsts with its 64-bit 3G LTE integrated chipset, LTE-A Cat 10 modem, LTE dual-SIM solution, Snapdragon 400 for Android Wear, and a Snapdragon-powered in-car infotainment solution. All of those accomplishments were further rounded out in 2016 when the company announced the first ever Gigabit Class LTE modem for mobile devices, paving the way for next-generation networking connections alongside the company’s showing off the first ever over-the-air-connection to be made via enhanced the LTE-U platform, MulteFire.

2017 has not, as of this writing, contained any world firsts. On the other hand, it has seen the company becoming heavily involved in nearly every portion of the chipset market and pressing, alongside partner companies, for the future of 5G connections, among other things. The company also revealed that it expects to expand again by early 2018 – this time into the Windows PC market in competition with Intel and AMD. There’s no telling what kinds of innovation the level of competitiveness Qualcomm brings to the table will be able to deliver on that front. However, the company appears more than ready to continue in the technology industry for the long-haul, with many more good things to come.

Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook, Acer Chromebook 11, and three others receive Android app support

It has been a slow journey, but Google has been hard at work giving more Chromebooks access to Android app support. The Play Store arrived on 17 more Chromebooks last month, and now Google has added a few more to the growing list.

First off, the Acer Chromebook 11 (C740) and Dell Chromebook 11 (7310) now have Android app support in the Chrome OS Beta channel. If you have either of those Chromebooks, and you can't wait for the feature to be finished, switching to the Beta channel is pretty easy. Be warned - you can't switch back to the stable channel without wiping your Chromebook's local data.

The HP Chromebook 13 G1, Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook, and Samsung Chromebook 3 now have the Play Store in the Chrome OS stable channel. The HP model already had it in the Beta channel, but as far as I'm aware, the Samsung and Lenovo ones didn't have Android app support at all until now.

Source: Chromium Wiki

Papa John’s apologizes for comments about NFL player protests

Papa John’s, which came under fire for blaming the NFL’s handling of player protests for declining pizza sales, used Twitter Tuesday to apologize for the potential divisiveness of its stance.

"The statements made on our earnings call were describing the factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone that thought they were divisive. That definitely was not our intention," the company, an NFL sponsor, tweeted.

With controversy around the national anthem protests percolating, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said on the Nov. 1 call, "The NFL leadership has hurt Papa John's shareholders. The NFL has been a long and valued partner over the years. But we're certainly disappointed that the NFL and its leadership did not resolve the ongoing situation to the satisfaction of all parties long ago. This should've been nipped in the bud a year and half ago."

Papa John’s series of Tuesday tweets said while the company supports players’ rights to protest, it believes that the anthem should be honored and that it’s willing to work with players and the league to move forward from the controversy.

The statements made on our earnings call were describing the factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone that thought they were divisive. That definitely was not our intention. (1/3)
The statements made on our earnings call were describing the factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone that thought they were divisive. That definitely was not our intention. (1/3)
We believe in the right to protest inequality and support the players’ movement to create a new platform for change. We also believe together, as Americans, we should honor our anthem. There is a way to do both. (2/3)

We believe in the right to protest inequality and support the players’ movement to create a new platform for change. We also believe together, as Americans, we should honor our anthem. There is a way to do both. (2/3)
We will work with the players and league to find a positive way forward. Open to ideas from all. Except neo-nazis — 🖕those guys. (3/3)


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