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Free Call After 2nd Minute: Jazz Non Stop Call Masti

Jazz Non Stop Call Masti 185x300 Free Call After 2nd Minute: Jazz Non Stop Call MastiIt looks Mobilink is pleased with how ‘Bemisaal Ramdan’ performed, as it has offered again almost a similar promotion called ‘Jazz Non Stop Call Mast’, which allows free on-net calls after two minutes – round the clock.
As apparent from its name, ‘Jazz Non Stop Call Masti’ is said to be a response to Ufone’s ‘Non Stop Offer’.
Jazz Non Stop Call Masti is offered to Jazz Octane subscribers only; hence daily rental of Rs.1 plus tax is applicable in order to avail the offer.
  • All On-net calls free after 2nd minute
  • Daily Subscription Fee: Rs. 1 plus tax per day
  • All other calls will be charged as per regular Jazz Octane Tariff
How to Subscribe:
Dial *105*1# on mobile screen and press send
How to Un-subscribe:
Dial *105*4# on mobile screen and press send
Package Conversion
If you have any other package than Jazz Octane, then
  • Call 123 from Jazz connection.
  • Press 3 for package settings.
  • Press 0 for package selection
  • Press 2 to select Jazz Octane
Note: For the convenience of customers, the package conversion will be absolutely free during the promotion duration
Terms & Conditions
  • During first minute, on-net calls will be charged at Rs 1 per 30 seconds
  • On-net calls to three F&F numbers will be charged at Rs 0.45/30 sec and will also be free after 2nd minute
  • Off-net calls will be charged as per regular Jazz Octane tariff
  • Package daily fee of Rs 1 will be applicable to all Jazz Octane subscribers in addition to the daily subscription fee of Jazz Non Stop Call Masti offer
  • Daily subscription will be renewed automatically until unsubscribed
  • For Jazz Octane LNO subscribers On-net calls will be charged at Rs 4 for first minute between 12am-7am
  • 19.5% tax apply on the above mentioned price
  • This will be a Limited Time Offer

Wateen Promotes Internet Literacy in Underserved Areas of Pakistan

Wateen has been an active participant in Government of Pakistan’s (Ministry of Information Technology) USF projects working towards the development of telecom infrastructure in underserved areas of the country.
So far, Wateen has been successful in obtaining subsidies of approximately PKR 1.8 billion for OFC projects and PKR 1.0 billion for Broadband projects through successful participation in competitive biddings.
Wateen’s deployment of a robust Optical Fiber Cable network of over 10,000 kilometers and the largest nationwide 3.5 GHz WiMAX network rollout in the world makes Wateen a natural partner of choice to support such initiatives from USF.
Mr. Tariq Malik, CEO Wateen Telecom, commended Wateen’s efforts for promotion of internet literacy in these regions and said
“Wateen stands committed in alleviating the digital divide between the urban and rural population and is always one step ahead of its competition to meet such challenges. Our aim is to promote computer and internet literacy in underserved regions of Pakistan by making these services ‘available’ and ‘affordable’ for the people of Pakistan.
While talking about corporate social responsibility he further stated that through these projects Wateen is not only making services available in educational centers by building computer laboratories that shall be fully equipped with broadband internet but is also generating employment opportunities by creating partnerships with the local community to build internet cafes in the area.
It is Wateen’s vision to contribute towards the development of our great country and hence, participation in USF regions aligns with Wateen’s vision of taking Pakistan into the digital broadband revolution of the 21st century while promoting education and literacy through these means.”

Ufone’s Performance Delights its Management

Ufone remained the fastest growing and one of the leading cellular companies achieving its business targets, said Mr. Abdul Aziz, CEO, Ufone in a message to Ufone employees on Eid, as communicated to us by sources placed with-in the company.
CEO said that Ufone’s annual revenue increased by 23% along with a healthy EBITDA growth of 39%.
CEO briefed employees about the appreciation it received from the Chairman of Board of Directors on performance of company, and announced that the Board of Directors approved performance based bonuses for all eligible permanent and contractual employees of Ufone.
CEO mentioned that Ufone is doing best in terms of MNP, while company has strengthen the sales network through sales force automation, U shops and retailer outreach programs.

Warid Pays Tribute to Sports Champion Aisam-ul-Haq

Picture2 Warid Pays Tribute to Sports Champion Aisam ul Haq
Tennis Star Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, pride of the Nation, who made to the US Open Finals (Men’s Double and Mixed Double) first time ever in the history of Pakistan’s Tennis.
He had a very tough competition in both the finals but unfortunately couldn’t nail down the last hit on the board.
On his arrival at Lahore International Airport on 15th Sept. 2010, thousands of Pakistani from all ages gave him a warm welcome. Government of Punjab gave him Z – Class Security & Protocol through his way back to his residence from Airport.
Moreover, Governor and Chief Minister Punjab have also invited him for a grand dinner at the government’s mansion.
Warid Telecom pays tribute to the national hero in its own iconic way by beautifying the main roads with eye catching streamers and installed huge size billboards at all the key exit points of his way back to his residence from Airport.

PTCL Strike Ends, Claims Managment

Recent PTCL strike is now finally coming to an end and situation is returning back to normalcy, claims a statement issued by PTCL today.
Statement said that PTCL management is also welcoming returning employees with an open heart and has decided to release the salaries of all such employees who have reported back to work.
Consequently, salaries of about 26,500 out of 29,000 employees have been released.
The process of termination of service of those employees who are still abstaining from work or resorting to these acts of hooliganism has been started.
It also needs to be mentioned that all those employees who had caused damage to PTCL network and installations are being handled strictly without any compromise. This situation has particularly been alarming at Lahore where more than 120 malicious cuts of optical fiber have been committed by these miscreants, said the statement.

Karo Mumkin Show Hits its ‘Grand Begining’

nor’s Karo Mumkin Show has entered into its final round; they are calling it “Grand Beginning”.
Karo Mumkin is an initiative by Telenor to bring the best idea for glorifying Pakistan, not only it; Telenor plans to get the idea executed as well.
Telenor Karo Mumkin aims at building the  “Can do” spirit among Pakistanis by having them to think positive and have faith in their abilities; and encourage them to do something no matter how small for the country in their individual capacity.
In earlier two episodes, best ideas were unveiled and then based on nationwide voting through SMS, IVR and website ‘Grand Beginning Show’ will announce the winners.
watch Telenor Karo Mumkin Show on leading TV channels starting today; here is the complete schedule.

Telenor Offers GPRS Bundles

Telenor Pakistan has introduced data bucket or GPRS bundles for its prepaid and postpaid customers.
Prepaid customers can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly plans, while postpaid customers can avail GPRS bundles of 10 MB, 50 MB or unlimited bandwidth in a month.
Earlier, Telenor was offering this 5 MB data bucket for one day subscription only, which is now revised and offered with 3 MB data limit.
Prepaid GPRS/EDGE Bundles:
prepaid internet chart thumb Telenor Offers GPRS Bundles
Postpaid GPRS/EDGE Bundles:
postpaid internet chart thumb Telenor Offers GPRS Bundles
How to subscribe:
  • Dial *345*901# to activate Daily bundle
  • Dial *345*902# to activate Weekly bundle
  • Dial *345*903# to activate Monthly bundle
How to check remaining quota:
Dial *999# to check the bundle balance. The balance will update after end of every GPRS session. Charges for checking balance is 12 paisas (including taxes)
  • Data bundlea are applicable on all prepaid TalkShawk and Djuice price plans.
  • Bundle would expire on the date of expiry at midnight. An expiry SMS notification will also be sent to the customer
  • The subscribed bundle would expire & the customer would have to re-subscribe again
  • If bundle expires during a session then customers will be charged the default GPRS charges for volume consumed in addition to the allowed volume bucket i.e. 3MB for daily, 10MB for weekly, 45MB for monthly. In case the user does not have any balance in his monetary account his session would stop after bundle exhaustion.
  • Subscribers can subscribe to multiple validity bundles at one time.

wi-tribe Supports Flood Relief Efforts

wi tribe Banner wi tribe Supports Flood Relief EffortsIn Pakistan, wi-tribe employees organized a ‘Relief Drive’ using donations from their salaries to support victims of the devastating floods.
wi-tribe employees volunteered their time to procure, pack, transport and distribute the goods themselves. With the much appreciated aid of the Pakistan Army stationed at Kot Addu, a very organized relief effort was executed, utilizing 100% of the funds to provide over 200 family care packages containing 1 month of relief rations and goods.
With each care package, wi-tribe provided a family of 5 with 1 ration sack (36 Kg of food supplies including powdered milk, cooking spices, rice, sugar, dates, cooking oil, pulses, energy biscuits, tea and non-food supplies including antiseptic soap, sanitary pads, candles, ORS, mosquito repellent, and anti-rash cream) + 1 sack of wheat (10 Kg) + 2 Jerry cans (with a capacity of 20 Litres each) + mineral water + 1 bag of mixed pickle (1 Kg), all amounting to 30 days of consumables for a family of 5.
Talking about the relief efforts, Mustafa Peracha, CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan said, “Considering the devastation that has taken place, we felt it was our obligation as members of society to reach out to those suffering in the wake of the floods. I am proud to say that wi-tribers worked as one team and initiated an internal relief effort drive to not only contribute financially to the cause, but also volunteered to visit the affected areas ourselves.”
While individual wi-tribe employees have donated generously to the cause, the wi-tribe Group has also made a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which has worked in Pakistan since 1947 and is an international leader in bringing relief to war and disaster stricken areas around the world.
wi-tribe employees have joined hands to support the flood showing how even the smallest individual effort can collectively become effective. Visit www.wi-tribe.pk/relief to find out how you can help.

Ufone Offers Special Data Package for Nokia C3

Ufone along with Nokia has come up with an attractive deal for Nokia C3 users. Now you can connect to the world internet for Rs. 10/hour + Tax with infinite downloads exclusively on the new Nokia C3 handset, and enjoy services like Email, Chat and Social Networking.
It merits mentioning here that Ufone had launched a similar Huawei manufactured handset named as Ufone Icon, which was first offered for Rs. 6,500, however, later price was increased to Rs.7200, and the deal didn’t go successful.
But this time Ufone has changed its strategy and partnered with Industry leader to get more Internet users.
How to Avail the Offer:
Purchase Nokia C3 Handset from any Nokia retailer, subscribe to Ufone’s GPRS and you will be offered Rs. 10 plus tax per hour rates.
Note: Ufone’s system will automatically detect C3 Handsets
Nokia C3 Price in Market: Rs. 12,900

A Line was Just Crossed: Telenor Internet.More [TVC]

Telenor, a company that is usually very responsible in advertisements has apparently crossed the line, by having a go on a TVC, which is morally beyond or social values.
To sell its newly launched internet bundles, Telenor decided to show a boy spotting a college girl. He then searches her on Facebook using Telenor’s GPRS. He then sends her message to be connected, and then she turns out to be the daughter of principal of that college – in the end, boy and girl get connected, in ten rupees for a day.
Tagline of this ad can be: How to Get a Girl in Rs. 10 with Telenor Internet.More
Following is the AD:
A multinational company of Telenor’s magnitude must consider the operating circumstances before defining a policy. A love story presented like this in TVC is not going to get acceptance by masses, while we already are hearing bad words on it from industry:
Telenor Internet More1 A Line was Just Crossed: Telenor Internet.More [TVC]
Here are few points to be considered:
  • What has happened to ad agencies? where is creativity?
  • Sales’ desperation has gone this high that company can show/teach this nation anything?
  • Where is PTA/PEMRA?
Thanks to Rashid Shahzad for sending us above screen-shot.

Djuice Offers Lowest Hourly Charges with ‘Boltay Jao Offer’

Djuice is offering its “din raat” customers, boltay jao offer that allows calls to all FnF at an Rs. 1.5+tax/hour and on-net numbers will be FREE after 2 minutes, 24 hours a day!!!
This offer comes at a subscription fee of Rs. 4 with three days validity.
How to avail offer:
Dial *345*120# to activate djuice boltay jao offer for 3 days
Subscription Charges:
Rs. 4 + tax
  • Offer applicable on djuice din raat package, which comes with a daily subscription charges of Rs. 1.99 plus taxes. Details of Din Raat package are available here
  • Offer will have 3 days validity

Telenor’s Flirt-Promoting Ads Should Be Banned, Pleads Faiza Alam

Fail Telenor’s Flirt Promoting Ads Should Be Banned, Pleads Faiza AlamTelenor’s Internet.more TVC got mixed response from masses; however, almost all bloggers expressed their disapproval over highly noised advert.
Arsalan Mir opined that ad was not only a cheap attempt by agency but also an irresponsible attitude from Telenor, while Mudassar Mufti questioned Telenor’s TVC by comparing it with ‘Karo Mumkin Campaign’ and how both the faces of Telenor contradict each other.
Some termed it as disrespect to women, while others talked about further propagation of our worsening social values.
However, Faiza Alam, a ProPakistani reader is worst impacted, as her name was used in the said TV commercial. She agrees that it’s our society that has the flaws but at the same time she protests against Telenor for encouraging the bad deeds.
Faiza Alam said that she reserves the right to contact courts for using her name in such a bad advert.
She mentioned us instances of Abrar-ul-haq, when he was asked by Lahore High Court to pull back a song from his album that mentioned Punjabi women in bad manner.
She wants a immediate ban on Telenor’s this TVC!
Following is excerpt of letter we received from Faiza Alam:
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring into the notice of the concern people about a coincidence, a miserable coincidence that has made my life a living hell.
My name is Faiza; Faiza Alam to be exact and I have been victim of cheap jokes since one of the cellular phone companies have heavily advertised its services on media recently.
Though the co

Telenor’s Flirt-Promoting Ads Should Be Banned, Pleads Faiza Alam

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mobilink Employees Distribute Eid Gifts Among Flood Victims

Mobilink carried out a special relief activity in which employees of Mobilink distributed ‘Eid Gift Packs’ among flood victims at various relief camps in Multan.
Mobilink, with its commitment to help flood victims in this hour of need has appealed to the masses to remember their brethren on this Eid and cut short their Eid expenditure so that more money could be donated in relief funds.
The Eid gifts distribution was arranged by Mobilink Foundation Torchbearers along with volunteers from different departments of Mobilink. The volunteer employees distributed Eid gifts among women and children and also spent time with the flood victims in the relief camps. The gifts packs consisted of mehndi, bangles for women and dolls, footballs, toys, wrist watches and sun glasses for children.
Employee volunteerism is a core value of Mobilink’s Culture of Excellence and employees are strongly encouraged to develop a humanitarian spirit. The Mobilink Foundation Torchbearers are sanctioned to clock an average of 4 to 5 dedicated hours per person per month during official working hours. On average the volunteers spent more than 4,800 hours in 2009 in community service initiatives.
In the past, Mobilink has carried out extensive relief efforts for the 2005 earthquake victims as well as built a large relief camp for accommodating 1,000 families of IDPs from Swat in 2009.

Mobilink Introduces International Jazz Load!

image003 184x300 Mobilink Introduces International Jazz Load!Mobilink has introduced “International JAZZ Load” in collaboration with ezetop for its valued customers, enabling its customers to recharge Jazz accounts from international destinations.
customers can top-up the JAZZ Connection of your loved ones in Pakistan, from UK, USA, Spain, UAE and Saudi Arabia. This service will soon be available in more international destinations.
How to Jazz Load from International Locations?
To send JAZZ Load to Pakistan, just go to any of the ezetop affiliated retailer/money exchange near you OR visit www.ezetop.com and recharge JAZZ balance for anyone in Pakistan by following few simple steps mentioned below:
Through Retailer/Money Exchange:
  • Go to any ezetop affiliated retailer/money exchange
  • Request the agent/retailer to send top-up to any JAZZ Number in Pakistan
  • Inform the agent/retailer of the amount and JAZZ Number
  • Pay cash to agent/retailer
Through Website:
  • Visit www.ezetop.com
  • Register with ezetop website
  • Select Pakistan as country and JAZZ as operator
  • Enter the JAZZ Number and select the amount to top-up
  • Enter the credit/debit card information and complete the transaction
Customers from abroad may contact following numbers for ezetop customer support:
  • UK: 02078707976
  • UAE: 042146315
  • Saudi Arabia: 0550412342, 059-9656650

Mobilink StockPro Offers Trading and Live Stock Updates

mobilink stockpro 194x300 Mobilink StockPro Offers Trading and Live Stock UpdatesMobilink offers its customers the opportunity to view and trade live stocks in Karachi Stock Exchange.
Mobilink StockPro developed in collaboration with IGI Securities offers its subscribers the ability to view live stock data in Karachi Stock Exchange and if you have a trading account with IGI Securities, it also allows you to trade as well!
Now, Mobilink customers can remain connected to Stock Exchange via Blackberry or any other Java enabled mobile device, with the help of Mobilink StockPro. So where ever you are or even while you are on the move, you can view and trade your stocks at ease and convenience with Mobilink StockPro!
Requirements to use this application:
  • You need to be a Jazz or Indigo Customer
  • Any mobile phone with GPRS & Java support and MIDP v2.0
  • GPRS subscription
  • Account with IGI Securities for Trading
Other Features:
Quote Request:
  • An option by which users can request any symbol rate and related market information.
  • The quote symbol could be any symbol not part of the subscribed list.
Change Subscription List
  • Users can add or remove any symbol from the subscription list.
  • While adding a symbol, application will not permit to exceed the subscription limit which is up to 10 scripts at a time.
  • Users can remove any symbol from the subscription list by pressing removing button.
  • Volume Leader Screen: Users can view the top 10 market leaders by volume at any given time.
  • Top Gainers/Losers Screen: Top Gainers Losers Screen displays top 5 gainers and top 5 losers of current market.
  • Help Screen: Help screen includes description of entire Screens in Stock pro application.
  • Change Password Screen: User can change password at any time by providing the old password
How to Subscribe:
Customers will be required to send an SMS to a designated short code for requesting service subscription. (GPRS is a mandatory requirement for this service.)
  • The customer will send SMS to the short code 4442.
  • Then the customer will receive two SMS in return:
  • Download Link of the application along with User ID and Password
  • Information SMS informing him/her that IGI’s CS Representative will contact him/her shortly
  • Customer will be informed of a 10-day free trial in the same SMS
  • Customer will download the application and login using the credentials provided earlier
  • Application will request customer to enter his CNIC for verification purposes (one-time only). Once entered, customer will be taken to the main screen where he would be able to view live stock feeds
  • For trading, customers will be required to first open an account with IGI. For this purpose, a visit to an IGI branch will be mandatory.
  • After 10 days of trial period, customer will receive an SMS from short code 4443 to renew the subscription by replying to that SMS. This subscription will be charged as per charging mentioned below.
How to Unsubscribe:
  • Customer will send “UNSUB” to 4442
  • Customer will receive an SMS informing him that his subscription has been terminated
  • Subscription is free for first ten (10) days as trial. After the trial period, the subscription will be charged at Rs.20 + Tax per month.
  • SMS is charged as per package plan
  • Standard GPRS charges apply for data upload and download

WLL Subscribers to Get CNIC Verified Before Service Activation

On the occasion of inaugural ceremony of 789-service of Wateen, Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yasin view with senior management of Wateen Group. DG PTA Yawar Yasin, ZD Kamran Khan Gandapur and other senior officials are also seen in the picture
On the occasion of inaugural ceremony of 789-service of Wateen, Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yasin view with senior management of Wateen Group. DG PTA Yawar Yasin, ZD Kamran Khan Gandapur and other senior officials are also seen in the picture
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has made efforts to curb illegal issuance of SIMs and to ensure authentic antecedents of mobile subscribers by implementation of 789 system in February 2009.
After having successfully implemented the system for mobile operators, PTA has extended its efforts by bringing the WLL operators under the same umbrella.
In this regard, Chairman PTA visited head offices of Wateen and WorldCall to inaugurate call centers of both the companies for 789 verifications.
Dr. Yasin, Chairman PTA, during his visit to Wateen Telecom, said that facilitation of the genuine subscribers must be our top priority, but not at the cost of national security. Fake subscribers must be discouraged at any cost and all-out technical and other efforts must be made in this regard. Operators are also bound legally to make sure that only genuine subscribers avail the communication facilities provided by the operators.
Wateen has cleared 100% of its subscribers with NADRA; while WorldCall has cleared its 65 percent of subscribers with CNIC verification.
During his discussion address, Mr. Chairman emphasized the importance of authentic documentation and urged the WLL operators to spare no stone unturned while issuing the new connections strictly in accordance with the laid down procedures for new regime.
Under the new process all WLL service providers are now linked with NADRA data base, and all WLL connections shall be activated after its verification from NADRA.

Zong Fast 50: Up to 50 Paisa per 30 Seconds, All Networks

Zong has offered this consumption based package that offers as low as 50 paisa per 30 second charging on all networks. This package is particularly useful for those with higher mobile usage.
Idea is that higher number of consumed minutes, lower will be the call charges. Call rate will keep decreasing as you make calls during the month.
Discount will be applicable till one calendar month. After completion of the month the counter will be reset.
Following is the Tariff slabs of the Fast 50
Minutes consumed Tariff – Rs
Less than or equal to 50 0.80
51-100 0.75
101-150 0.70
151-200 0.65
201-250 0.60
251-300 0.55
301+ 0.50
  • Charging is per 30 seconds
  • prices are exclusive of taxes
How to subscribe:
The package can be subscribed by the following ways:
  • # Dial *904# or
  • Write ‘sub’ and send to 904
Terms & conditions
  • The charging is on a 30 second pulse.
  • You can enjoy the discount after one hour of meeting the criteria on billable minutes.
  • Discount will be applicable till one calendar month. After completion of the month the counter will be reset

wi-tribe Announces Happy Day Offer

happy day 300x168 wi tribe Announces Happy Day Offerwi-tribe is offering its customers to enjoy un-metered downloads/uploaded on selected day(s) with Happy Day Offer.
Offer comes in two plans, one with Rs. 100 for unmetered bandwidth in one day or Rs. 300 for unmetered bandwidth for three days.
Download/upload speed will remain same as per you package plan.
This offer comes only with regular packages and cannot be availed as a separate service or package.
How to select your happy day:
  • Call wi-tribe helpline (111-187-423) for happy day selection
  • Select your happy day online via my wi-tribe
  • Visit any wi-tribe customer care center
  • This is a limited time offer
  • Phone orders have a credit limit of Rs. 200 per month.
  • Plan A can be purchased twice or Plan B can be purchased once.
  • Orders placed online have a 1-time purchase limit per month.

10 Mbps for Rs. 8,000: WorldCall Cable Broadband

In response to PTCL’s recent bandwidth up-gradation, WordCall has responded by revising its cable broadband rates along with introduction of higher speeds on its cable network for Lahore and Karachi.
Still unofficial, however, confirmed by WorldCall support, customers are already doubled with their bandwidths while new customers are given an opportunity to opt for up to 10 mpbs broadband bandwidth.
Following is the complete tariff guide:
Download speed Estimated Upload speed Old Price New price
512Kbps 256Kbps Rs. 1,100 Rs. 700
1Mbps 512Kbps Rs. 1,400 Rs. 1,000
2Mbps 1Mbps Rs. 5,100 Rs. 1,500
4Mbps 2Mbps New Package Rs. 2,000
6Mbps 3Mbps New Package Rs. 4,000
8Mbps 4Mbps New Package Rs. 6,000
10Mbps 5Mbps New Package Rs. 8,000
  • Setup cost (non-refundable) of Rs. 1,200 is applicable on all connections
  • Setup cost includes Customer Premises Equipment (Cable Modem/Set Top Box)
  • 5%, 10%, 15% discounts are applicable on quartely, half yearly and yearly packages.
  • Customer Premises Equipment (Cable Modem/Set Top Box) shall remain company property.
For more information, call: 111-111-965
WorldCall offers its cable broadband services in Lahore and Karachi through coaxial cable infrastructure for end users backed by fiber optic network in both the cities.

Zong Announces KPO Winner

KPO for blog 300x241 Zong Announces KPO WinnerZong has been offering rewards for those who will remain on its network with number switched on with a offer called “Keep Phone On” or KPO.
Under this promotion, for just keeping Zong numbers switched on, customer can win free SMS, minutes and a chance to win prizes including Suzuki Mehran, Bikes and cash.
Regarding this, KPO lucky draw took place recently,where KPO motorcycle winner was announced.
picture shows Usman Khalil Sheikh, Manager Customer Service Center Rawalpindi handing over a motorcycle to winner Mr. Muhammad Kashif.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Nokia X6 Review: Evolution of Music Mobiles

Nokia X6 Review:
In recent years Nokia has introduced bigger and better phones with the increasing age of technology. With such advancement in progress, it is little wonder that Nokia has succeeded immensely in the innovative world of sleek designing and impressive features that their products distinctively carry. The launch of the Nokia X series certainly created a wave among many and it was thought to be a classic touch to the new age era of technology. The X series is one of the most technically advanced series to be introduced by Nokia and carries a multitude of features that leave users all over the world proud to own such a device. The Nokia X6 similarly is equipped with the latest features and quips that technology can offer.
  • In terms of the design, the Nokia X6 has a sleek and compact look. A bit large in size, as compared to the average phone, it is well worth the product. Its black cover lends a beautiful look to the mobile as a whole.
Nokia X6
The colour black itself signifies elegance, and a timeless grace. Its smooth back, the capacitive touch screen, the huge music library, video call camera feature, and other interesting features make the phone a credible one. The phone is worth a look and many users who have purchased it are quite happy with the results and have shared that they would definitely urge others who are perhaps a bit hesitant to buy this model by Nokia too.
Most of the new and upcoming Mobile Phones are now equipped with high storage chips, which allows consumers to be able to download and store massive files, such as music, movies, ringtones, applications and images.
  • Some of the impressive features include a shocking 32 GB built in memory that can store almost anything in almost any kind of format. The mobile phone has access to a huge database that the user can fully exploit and pictures, music; videos can be made and stored without the need to worry.
  • Who’s going to run out of 32 GB worth of space anytime soon? The memory amount is actually quite absurd and will appeal to those who have a huge selection of music and pictures that they would want to store on their phones. This model gives them the opportunity to do exactly that and they can avail this opportunity when they but the phone.
  • The Nokia X6 also has a capacitive touch screen that responds to the merest touch and has the size of 3.2 inches. The screen size is quite adequate and can be used to view images and videos in high definition. The experience can be quite enriching. The resolution also amounts up to 360X640 pixels. The screen size is massive and can fit in a number of features. Widgets and applications are a popular touch for this phone as well.
Video Review:
For those who prefer the moving pictures over floating text, feel free to spoil your self with this video review. We hope your attention span is good, as it is an in-depth review which shall take your 11 minutes, grab your self a drink.
Click here to view the embedded video.
Camera and Multimedia Quality:
  • The camera comes with a 5 mega pixel feature that gives off excellent results and can store up to a vast number of pictures and videos, in our previous publication, we covered Nokia X5 01 Review which has the same 5.0 mega pixel camera. With the Nokia X6, the user can enjoy the camera features to a maximum. The pictures can be taken in a number of results and effects can be applied for a more fun filled experience.
  • Moreover a gratifying music experience can also be achieved since this model of Nokia comes with a fulfilled music subscription for Comes with Music. This is valid for one year and through this feature, music can be acquired and downloaded without any charges and without the fear of piracy or copyright issues.
  • Who does not love music? With the high quality that Nokia can offer, a gratifying music experience can be enjoyed with friends and family all year round. Whether it is a barbeque or a small intimate gathering among friends, just plug in the phone with stereo speakers and a whole ambience can be created to form a wonderful time.
  • The feature allows the music to be obtained from a server online that has high quality music downloads and even if the subscription expires, the music can be kept in the phone or computer, wherever the user prefers.
Phone Management:
Where do i start on this, we all know, most of upcoming mobiles are top notch in delivering functions and usability, however, unlike many older phones, this handset gives you the ability to store as many entries into its phonebook which has about unlimited fields. It also gives you the ability to keep all your call records for up to 30 days, which is petty decent function for those who like to keep the call records for long time. There are couple of  drawbacks, as we have mentioned above, X6 comes in 8 gb, 16 gb and 32 gb, however this set does not give you the liberty to insert memory slots!
Comparison with Nokia 5800:
X6 is the new series by Nokia and is supposed to compete with other music phones in the market. We have picked Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, which is one of the most popular music mobile to compete with X6. The older music set has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was launched and still topping the charts in that particular genre. Now even though, X6 beats Xpressmusic on couple of levels, such as memory and better camera, i would still like to think that Nokia 5800 would keep on selling, for the reason that it is way cheaper than X6. Let the battle between these gadgets begin.
Nokia X6 Nokia 5800
Name Nokia X6 Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic
Weight 122 G 109 G
Dimensions 111 x 51 x 13.8 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm
Camera 5.0 mega pixel with 4x zoom 3.2 megapixel with 3 x zoom
Memory 32GB Internal, 128 MB RAM 81 MB with 8gb memory card
OS Symbian v9.4 Symbian v9.4
Ringtones Mp3, Ringtones, MIDI MP3 ringtones, Polyphonic
Display TFT capacitive, 16M colors TFT resistive, 16M colors
Battery Li-Ion 1320 mAh (BL-5J) Li-Ion 1320 mAh(BL-5J)
Talk Time Up to 8 h 30 min (2G) / 6 h (3G) Up to 8 h 45 min (2G) / 5 h (3G)
USB v2.0 microUSB v2.0 microUSB
Release Date Released 2009, December Released 2008, November
Price and Conclusion:
When it comes to usability and functions, i would like to suggest that X6 out performs 5800, however, i would hesitate to pay the twice of Xpressmusic, which is priced at merely 20,000 to 25,000 depending upon the location and retailer. However, the X6 costs a pretty penny and if you want to get your hands on this gadget, you would need to spend about 49,000 Pak rupees to 54,000 Pak rupees, again the prices varies retailer to retailer and location. Even though this phone is relatively more damaging to your pocket, you would still be lucky enough to have 32 Gb memory to store whatever music you want.

PTCL Union says Peaceful Protest is their Right

PTCL Union leaders Malik Maqbool, Hammad Qureshi and Rana Hasan said that the Workers Unions leaders and PTCL management are bound to hold talks on workers’ demands as per the Lahore High Court order.
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has no right to impede the salaries of 26,000 workers, and they have full right of peaceful protest for their demands. Such Action of PTCL would be strongly condemned by the court.
The union leaders said it was startling that a senior officer was misguiding and deceiving the workers as well as the management. The Honorable Court has not issued any order for stopping the protest. During trial of this case the court had clearly said that protest is the right of PTCL employees. The court had directed all employees to be careful in their protest which should be peaceful so that there is no damage to government property.
They said that the court had clearly issued orders to PTCL management to hold dialogue with the Union leaders for solving the demands of employees. PTCL cannot stop the salary/bonus and issue show cause notices to employees.
It is surprising that the PTCL management is issuing warning to the employees at different offices in the country which is a clear case of contempt of court, they said. The leaders requested all employees to be united against the high-handedness of PTCL management which cannot demoralize the employees.

Mobilink Jazz Announces Rs. 1 Crore Winner

Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink presents cheque of Rs 1 Crore to Bumper Prize Winner of Jazz Super SMS Khazana initiative
Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink presents cheque of Rs 1 Crore to Bumper Prize Winner of Jazz Super SMS Khazana initiative
Mobilink has announced the winner of Rs. 1 Crore bumper prize of the Jazz Super SMS Khanzana campaign, a trivia-based contest that provided Mobilink customers the opportunity to win high-valued cash-prizes on daily, weekly and instant-win basis.
This campaign concluded with the announcement of the final Bumper Prize winner of Rs. 10,000,000.
Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice-President Marketing, Mobilink presented the cheque of Rs. 1 Crore to Muhammad Saleem, the fortunate winner from Pattoki at the Jazz Super SMS Khazana prize distribution ceremony held at Mobilink House, Islamabad.
57 year old Muhammad Saleem is presently employed with a local utility company. Expressing his excitement, Saleem shared that he will use the 1 Crore rupees to provide for his four children’s brighter future and higher education. He also wishes to go for Umrah with his family this year.
At the occasion, Bilal Munir Sheikh stated; “It is delightful to see our customers from all over Pakistan, winning such amazing cash prizes, while enjoying the premium cellular services from Mobilink. I would like to especially congratulate Muhammad Saleem who became the luckiest of them all by winning the One Crore bumper prize. Mobilink Jazz continues to share its success with its customers through innovative promotions and will continue to bind closer the largest cellular family onto one platform.”
During the course of Jazz Super SMS Khazana campaign, there were 87 daily winners of Rs 75,000 each and 13 weekly winners of Rs. 550,000 each, along with 20 instant-win prize winners of Rs. 30,000 each. Besides the big cities, several winners came from small towns like Vehari, Jehlum, Ghotki, Jhang, Attock, Pindi Bhatian, Pakpatan, Lodhran, Mianwali, Muzaffargarh, Charsadda and even Gilgit.

ISPs and PTCL Customers Bear the Brunt of Strikes

PTCL customers who were already suffering from worst possible sale and after support facilities at PTCL are left in middle of nowhere during ongoing employees’ PTCL employees’ strike  against the management for not increasing their salaries in accordance with the government decision.
Country wide lock-down of PTCL exchanges has resulted into a complete shut-down of after sale and support services for voice, IPTV, broadband, Wireless Internet and Dial-up.
Not a single voice or data related complain has been addressed during the strike.
Effected customers include the DSL base of other ISPs due to no activity at PTCL exchanges. Hence,
  • No new DSL connection is possible
  • Repair work of DSL lines is impossible
  • Changing of ISP for a customer during strikes is impossible
EVO customers who pay their bills at OSS centers (as not all EVO customers can pay through prepaid cards and MCB bank) are waiting for restoration of services to pay their bill.
Those miserable customers who rely on PTCL for their voice needs are also left with no option but to wait for the strike to get over.
The PTCL system has been severely damaged in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to floods but the rehabilitation works has not started there due to various reasons, including workers’ strike.
In this tussle of employees and management, end customer is looking at PTA as regulatory authority to get their issues resolved, however, regulator has not played any role to mediate between PTCL employees and management for the sake of customers.
Broadband ISPs are worried on their end for loosing their business due to strikes, as they largely rely on PTCL for offering DSL services

Wateen Allows Open Access to Its Customers’ Private Info

Wateen Telecom, through its Self Care, is offering its customers to know their latest account status along with a facility to recharge their accounts, but the alarming thing is that system neither asks for any password nor system generated user name; instead all customer’s private information is revealed by just submitting random names.
Here on this url: simply guess and enter names like: Bilal, Aslam, Aamir, Huma, Najma etc.
P.S. You don’t need to be a Wateen customer to enjoy personal information of Wateen users;
Below is screen shot of a random customer, interestingly there is a sign out button for a page which never asked for sign-in.
Wateen Self Care Wateen Allows Open Access to Its Customers’ Private Info

RHC Decides to Secure PTCL Offices from Protesters

Deciding a petition filed by PTCL to uphold the decision of Chairman NIRC to secure the assets and properties of PTCL from protesting employees, High Court Pindi Bench has accepted PTCL’s request and has directed the law enforcing agencies to positively implement the orders of NIRC for keeping the protesters 500 yards away from PTCL installations/Offices.
The Honorable Court has also directed to ensure the smooth working of PTCL and adopt all coercive measures for the maintenance of Public Order and to curb any illegal activities.
PTCL therefore in a statement has advised its employees to abide by the court orders and refrain from any unlawful strikes/activities.
PTCL further said that employees should resume their duties immediately to avoid the stoppage of salaries and harsh disciplinary action.
PTCL has urged its employees to  join hands and serve PTCL and the country rather than listening to and serving the ill motives of certain outnumbered individuals who are not sincere to anyone but themselves

Telecom Sector Suffered Rs. 1.8 Billion Loss in Floods

The telecom sector of the country has suffered Rs. 1.87 billion losses to its infrastructure and equipment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan because of the massive floods while the damage in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan could be much more than that, said official source in a statement.
As per initial estimates of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, most of the losses had been suffered by companies using fiber optic cables, followed by cellular companies whose cell sites had been damaged.
According to an IT ministry report, Multinet had suffered a loss of Rs. 600 million and its cables system in Koh Suleman to D.I. Khan had been damaged.
The PTCL suffered a loss of Rs. 164 million after its installations in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa were damaged.
Another fixed-line telephone service provider, the Special Communications Organization, has suffered a loss of Rs. 89.1 million in AJK and of Rs. 93.2 million in Gilgit and Baltistan.
The companies badly hit by the catastrophe are Telenor, Zong, Warid, Mobilink and Ufone, while their combined losses is said to be Rs. 926.6 million.
“The companies which had the higher number of towers in these areas have suffered the most as the equipment and generators at each tower have been severely damaged,” a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority official said.
He, however, said that installations and equipment of the companies were mostly insured and the government was not responsible for their losses.
The official said that the PTA was in close coordination with cellular companies to restore their service in all parts of the country.
“The companies are replacing panels, our teams have hired boats to reach several areas for repair works,” an official of Ufone said, adding that several sites were not operating because of lack of fuel to run generators.
“Lack of fuel for generators in most of the flood-hit areas is the main reason for disruption of our services in these areas,” he said.

Zong’s Free Phone Allows Flood Victims to Call for Help

Zong has given free handsets, SIMs & EDGE Dongles to International Organization for Migration (IOM) to provide free phone service to flood victims to get vital information, seek help and access relief services offered by the government and other aid agencies.
IOM is using these handsets and SIMs to establish free calling booths at the relief camps in flood affected areas of the country. On its part ZONG will not be charging these calls, in flood affected areas so that people can get in touch with their families in other parts of the country.
Each phone has a pre-paid SIM card with 800 free minutes a day for at least two months. Collectively, the hundred phones can make slightly over a million calls.
Expressing his views Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG said, “We understand that our country has been struck by an unprecedented calamity and it is our duty as a caring corporate citizen to help our brethren in this hour of need. We will do our utmost to provide relief to the flood affected people of Pakistan in whatever way we can.”
ZONG has also given a free group SMS package to IOM which they will use to disseminate information to the flood affectees using the database that is maintained by them.
IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental partners. IOM has agreed to coordinate the Emergency Shelter Cluster of relief agencies responding to the worst floods that have hit Pakistan in its history, following a request from the UN Humanitarian Coordinator.

Free Call After 2 Minutes: Djuice

djuice 300x258 Free Call After 2 Minutes: DjuiceFollowing the footprints of Ufone, now Djuice is offering free call for FnF and on-net numbers after first two minutes. Offer can be subscribed at Rs. 4 plus tax for three days.
How to Subscribe:
Simply dial *345*120# to activate djuice boltay jao offer
Subscription Charges:
Rs. 4 + tax – Validity is three days, subscriber will have to re-subscribe after three to avail the offer.

Telenor Joins Hands with Opera to Promote Mobile Internet

The Telenor Group and Opera Software announce a non-exclusive Global Frame Agreement aiming to stimulate rapid growth of mobile Internet services across Telenor’s business units.
Telenor’s business units can co-brand, distribute and run the Opera Mini mobile browser across its mobile handset and subscriber portfolios. As a result, Telenor’s customers in all geographies will be able to enjoy a fast, affordable and user-friendly mobile web experience on their favourite handset.
Under the agreement, Opera Software and any of Telenor Group’s business units may develop a co-branded version of Opera Mini that is adapted to the local operator.
Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile phone browser with 60 million monthly users.
As part of the Global Frame Agreement, Opera and Telenor will also work to further innovate and expand the scope of the mobile web.
The first deployment of Opera Mini in the Telenor network is scheduled for Septembe

Warid Song Search and Caller Tunes

Warid song search 300x78 Warid Song Search and Caller Tunes

Warid has come up with new offer for its song loving customers, now they can set their favorite song as caller tune. Warid customers can now search for their favorite song’s caller tune and write the song name and send an SMS to 7172.
The subscription charges for this service are Rs. 0.50+tax per SMS. This service is valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • Send the name of your favourite CallerTune to 7172 for example writes as “dil dil Pakistan” and send an SMS.
  • If desired CallerTune of the subscriber would not be found, then an SMS will be sent with the tone ID and name of the song.
  • Reply to this SMS with the tone ID of the song and CallerTune will be automatically activated.
  • Customers can avail this offer even if they are unaware of the full name of the song, by sending the first word of the song in an SMS to 7172, for example write ‘dil’ and send an SMS. You will be sent some top results for the songs that have the word ‘dil’ in them along with their tone ID’s.

Telenor TalkShawlk 5 Paisa Offer

Telenor fivepaisa offer 200x300 Telenor TalkShawlk 5 Paisa Offer
Telenor TalkShawk has also introduced a special Ramadan offer after Mobilink, Zong and warid. Telenor TalkShawk has come up with special discount rates in this Holy month of Ramadan. Now all TalkShawk subscribers can make calls at lowest rates during the day time only for the month of Ramadan.
Subscription Charges:
Subscription charges are Rs.12+tax (Rs. 14.34 inclusive of tax)
Subscription and Validity:
For subscription dial *345*201# USSD. This offer is only for TalkShawk subscribers.
Subscription Validity:
  • This offer is valid during the month of Ramadan till 7th September.
  • TalkShawk customers can avail discount between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on the same day of subscription.
  • If the subscription is done between 12:00 am and 6:30 pm then customers can avail discount for 1 day i.e the same day of subscription.
  • If the subscription is done between 6:30 pm and 12:00 am then customers can avail discount for 2 days i.e till the end of next day.
Lucky Subscriber:
Lucky subscribers are those who will get 100% discount. Each day a certain number of Lucky Subscribers” will be selected randomly and given 100% discount from 7am to 7pm  on the same day of subscription. Lucky subscribers will get to make 100% free calls on day of subscription, while the above rates apply for all other subscribers.
Price Plan Telenor No. (excl. tax) Telenor FnF (excl. tax)
TS 30 Sec, TS 24 Hrs Rs0.05 /30 sec Rs0.03 /30 Sec
TS 63 Rs0.05 /30 sec
TS Har Min Rs0.10 /min Rs0.05 /min
TS A1 (first minute) Rs0.14 /min Rs0.11 /min
TS A1 (2nd minute onwards) Rs0.10 /min Rs0.07 /min
Terms & Conditions:
  • Time window for 5paisa calls is from 7am to 7pm.
  • In case subscriber shifts to another price plan, the service will be deactivated.
  • This offer is available only on onnet calls.
  • If a customer has a free minute in his/her account and then activates this service then free minutes will be consumed first (even in the 7am to 7pm time window). This applies to the voice bundle minutes too.
  • Customers can only re-subscribe to this service after their existing subscription has expired. (after 12am at night)

Mobilink Roaming Offer for Umrah

Mobilink roaming umrah 300x119 Mobilink Roaming Offer for Umrah
Mobilink introduces an amazing offer for its customers who are planning to move Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah in this holy month of Ramadan. This offer will let the Mobilink customers to share their religious experience with family and friends.
Mobilink Jazz and Indigo customers performing Umrah can enjoy lowest incoming and outgoing (outgoing calls made to Pakistan only) call rates on international roaming with up to 85% discount on Zain Network in Saudi Arabia.
Terms & Conditions:
  • There is no security deposit but requires Direct Debit agreement.
  • There are no subscription charges for this service.
  • Free incoming SMS.
  • This is limited time offer.
  • Mobilink exclusively offers GPRS roaming and MMS facility for prepaid customers.
  • Jazz Load, Jazz Share, Balance Inquiry (*111#) and Balance Charging through USSD (*123*14DigitCode# and press YES) all work while on roaming.
  • Jazz roamers are advised to carry sufficient balance of about Rs.1500.

Pay PTCL Bills at Ufone Customer Services Centers

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has launched its bill collection at Ufone Customer Services Centers to facilitate its customers.
This new facility would be in addition to already existing 84 bill collection points, operating through various one stop shops, walk in centers/revenue offices of PTCL in various cities of the country.
Muhammed Nehmatullah CFO PTCL highlighting the significance of customer care said that bills at new collection points will be collected from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM during office hours (Ramzan time: 10 AM to 04.30 PM).
Advisory member Etisalat Mohamad Essa Al-Taheri said that customers now do not need to carry their invoice for payment of PTCL Bill. They just have to confirm their telephone number and name to the cashiers at the collection points for bill payment.
It also gives them the liberty now to pay their bill anywhere in Pakistan. A customer of PTCL enjoying services at Lahore can pay his bill at Karachi or Islamabad or anywhere at the collection points. It also enables them to avoid late payment surcharge if they are visiting somewhere else from their home station, he added.
He further said that online system has been installed at the collection points which would update the customer accounts on real time basis as soon as payment is received. This would further result into automatic restoration of suspended lines without requirement of showing the copy of paid bills at PTCL offices.
This facility is activated on all Ufone Customer Services Centers.

PTA Contributes Rs. 200 Million for Flood

pmpt 300x202 PTA Contributes Rs. 200 Million for FloodChairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Dr. Mohammed Yaseen presented cheque of Rs. 201.43 million to the Prime Minister, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani for the “Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2010 for the Assistance of Flood Affected People”, established for the relief and rehabilitation of flood affected people.
The amount included Rs. 200 million contribution by PTA, Rs. 0.65 million of one day salary donated by PTA employees and Rs.0.78 million collected through 1234 SMS service. Chairman PTA along with Secretary Cabinet, Mr. Abdul Rauf Chaudhary presented cheques for donation during a meeting with the Prime Minister.
PTA is also engaged with the telecom operators for the prompt restoration of telecom networks in flood-stricken areas. It has started 1234 Service to collect donations through SMS. Subscribers can send SMS by writing “Fund” to 1234 and each SMS would contribute Rs 10 to the fund.
Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani urged the Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to ensure the reconstruction of telecommunication infrastructure in the flood-hit areas to strengthen the relief activities.
The Prime Minister appreciated the gesture of PTA employees who contributed one day’s salary to help their distressed brethren in flood-hit areas.
The Chairman PTA apprised the Prime Minister of the damage caused to telecom infrastructure in flood affected areas and also various ways devised by PTA for early reconstruction of the network.

wi-tribe Launches Social Media Bar for Easy Browsing

Witribe banner wi tribe Launches Social Media Bar for Easy Browsing
wi-tribe today launched its social media bar, probably the best available tool bar for internet browsers to ease users’ experience for exploring their favorite websites.
wi-tribe Social Media bar offers one click browsing to all major social and bookmarking networks, along with, it offers search results, weather updates, email alerts and that is not it – with wi-tribe social media bar you can add virtually any application through app marketplace.
Click here to download: http://witribetoolbar.ourtoolbar.com/

Mobile Handset Import Bill Up 100%: FBS

The demand of handsets in the country has increased its imports sharply as reported almost 100 percent in terms of its imported cost in the first month of current fiscal year 2010-11, July.
Federal Bureau of Statistics figures showed the import bill of mobile handset reached US $ 39 million dollar in the month of July as against the same months cost stood at $ 19.59 million last year, showing 99.15 percent growth.
The gadgets imports’ cost is also 27 percent high compared with the month of June when it reached US $ 30.8 million.
The ballooning handset import bill depicted increasing number of handset units of different brand particularly Chinese-made mobile handsets. Also, the impact of devaluation of rupee against dollar has contributed its impact to double the amount of handsets imports.
The demand has been witnessed constant surge in the last fiscal year 2009-10 as its high demand of purchasers in domestic markets despite the duty has been maintained at Rs250 per unit.
The Ramadan is also considered one of the sales season as buyers purchase are reportedly surge before and after Eid.
Imran Zaki, Head of Marketing, LG electronics, said the market’s demand is continuously surging particularly the entry stage segment, which includes lowest cost handsets ranging from Rs1,200 to Rs1,700.
He said the demand of Chinese-manufactured handsets have been getting popularity since it entered in the market some two and half years ago. Its popularity is getting more popularity among the customers because of its dual SIMs options and copycat version of branded handsets.
On the other hand, branded mobile handsets such as Nokia, LG and Samsung have also maintained its market in the limited section of the society.
Some of them have also introduced their lowest cost handsets in the market while some brands are still very popular in its market of elite class, he added.

Jazz Bemisaal Ramadan Offer : Free after 1st Minute

jazz Jazz Bemisaal Ramadan Offer : Free after 1st Minute
Jazz brings “Bemisaal Ramadan offer”, which offers lowest Ghanta offer rates to its customers to talk as long as they want – all calls to Mobilink numbers will be free for an hour, after 1st minute, at any hour of day and night. This offer will be available on Jazz Octane.
How to Subscribe:
Dial  *105*1# on mobile screen  and press send
How to Un-Subscribe:
Dial *105*4# on mobile screen and press send
Package Conversion:
For the convenience of customers, the package migration will be absolutely free during the promotion duration.
Subscribers from other Jazz Packages can convert to Jazz Octane through following procedure.
Call 123 from Jazz connection.
  1. Press 3 for package settings.
  2. Press 0 for package selection
    • Press 2 to select Jazz Octane
For complete details on Jazz Octane package click here: http://www.mobilinkgsm.com/jazz/octane.php

  • Daily Subscription fee is Re 1 + tax.
  • During first minute, on-net calls will be charged at Re 1 per 30 seconds
  • On-net calls to three F&F numbers will be charged at Rs 0.45/30 sec and will also be free after first minute
  • Off-net calls will be charged as per regular Jazz Octane tariff
  • Package daily fee of Re 1 will be applicable to all Jazz Octane subscribers in addition to the daily subscription fee of Jazz Bemisaal Ramadan offer
  • For Jazz Octane LNO subscribers On-net calls will be charged at Rs 4 for first minute between 12am-7am
  • 19.5% tax apply on the above mentioned price
  • This will be a Limited Time Offer
The TVC for this promotion is a Spoof of Ufone’s Minute per Minute Offer

‘Mozzaker’ for Nokia Phones to Enhance Itikaf Experience

“Mozzaker” is available for free on Ovi Store, details are available here:  http://store.ovi.com/content/47167
Mozzaker allows mobile users to listen, search and translate a large collection of daily Azkar and selected supplications. People can also download more Azkar and share via SMS and MMS with friends and family
Mozzaker 150x150 Mozzaker for Nokia Phones to Enhance Itikaf Experience Mozzaker (1) Mozzaker (3) Scr000045 150x150 Mozzaker for Nokia Phones to Enhance Itikaf Experience “We know that Itikaf is an important experience for Muslims during Ramadan. Nokia Ramadan Applications 2010 includes the feature rich Mozzaker application which offers a large collection of Azkar and supplications with translation. All those Muslims who are planning to sit in Itikaf in this holy month can enrich their religious experience by using the Mozzaker application. Mozzaker application for 2010 is free and ready to be downloaded for the widest range of Nokia devices.” said Imran Khalid Mahmood, Country General Manager, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The Ramadan applications are developed by ASGATech, a Forum Nokia Premium Partner in the Middle East, with all content reviewed and approved by Al Azhar Al Shareef.
Ramadan applications for 2010 are compatible with a range of Nokia devices including Nokia N97 mini, Nokia E72, Nokia E52, Nokia X6, Nokia 5230,Nokia 5530,Nokia C5,Nokia 5235, Nokia 5800, Nokia E5, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia 5233, Nokia X3, Nokia 6303i, Nokia 2710, and Nokia C3. The user interface for the applications is available in English, Arabic, Farsi, French and Urdu.

Survey Conducted by PTA and FAB to Check Power Emission From BTSurvey Conducted by PTA and FAB to Check Power Emission From BTS

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) along with Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) has recently carried out an far reaching survey in Pakistan and AJ&K with the help of special tools to check the emission of power level from transmitters and receivers of Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs)/Towers installed by cellular mobile companies.
The survey was conducted at Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Sibi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Results show that the power level of BTSs is below the prescribed danger limits and in line with the policy directives of Ministry of IT & Telecom, World Health Organization (WHO) and International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines.
The perception, therefore, regarding harmful effects on health of humans by radiation from the towers is incorrect as towers are installed and are working within the specified parameters defined by the regulator as well as the international bodies monitoring the issue.
This survey was undertaken on the directions of Chairman PTA Dr Mohammed Yaseen. PTA is aware of this issue as it straight away affects the health of general public. It would continuously monitor the emissions of radiations from towers to ensure that specific standards are met and would keep the public informed.

Nokia Rises in Spamming Business

After HP Pakistan, it is now Nokia that has decided to rely on spam emails in Pakistan to support its OVI store.
Those who may suggest that this newsletter was sent by Nokia Ovi Store to its subscribers only, then you are wrong here, as email is clearly sent from emailshot@directmarketingpakistan.com, while directmarketingpakistan.com is apparently an email marketing/spamming company.
It is strange that multinational companies like Nokia are getting this much desperate that they start using illegal and unethical ways to promote their products and services.
By the way, email spamming is chargeable offense in Pakistan.
Nokia Ovi Store Nokia Rises in Spamming Business

PTCL Reports Net Profit Rs. 9.29 Billion for FY 09/10

PTCL reported a net profit of 9.29 billion rupees ($108.5 million) or Rs. 1.82 per share in the 2009/10 fiscal year compared with 9.15 billion rupees the previous year.
PTCL’s revenue for the quarter ending on June 30, 2010 stood at 57.17 billion rupees lower than previous year’s 59.24 billion rupees revenues, said PTCL in a statement to the Karachi stock exchange.
PTCL operating income rose to 5.13 billion rupees compared with 4.26 billion rupees the previous year.
PTCL had to pay a one-time cost for a voluntary redundancy scheme in the 2008/09 fiscal year.
PTCL attributed the rise in net profit to dividend income and interest payments on a loan Rs. 5 billion loan to mobile subsidiary Ufone.
PTCL also received Rs. 330 million in dividends paid by Ufone

Mobilink’s Advertising Stone gets on the Roll

Mobilink, country’s largest cellular company, in its latest TVC has shifted its advertising approach from what they call sophisticated and decent looking ads to funny, rather mocking TV adverts.
Unlike Telenor, Ufone and others, Mobilink has failed to define its advertising approach over the years. It’s not bad at all that they keep on changing their minds, however, lack of innovation, brining in Indian models and now copying competition’s lines is meaningless and shaky too.
Earlier this year, with new tagline for its prepaid brand “Jazz Apna Hai”, Mobilink relied on Indian crew including the model for several months. That campaign couldn’t leave its impact; in fact it got back fired by the masses.
Now with their recent most offering of ‘Mobilink Bemisaal’, the marketing team thought of getting the attention by taunting Ufone. This way Mobilink has successfully joined Ufone, Zong and Telenor for the taunt race.
Interestingly, Mobilink not only copied Ufone’s advertising approach only but its product idea as well.
We are familiar with Mobilink’s capability of making incredible TV adverts, however, for now its team is struggling in setting its direction.
Let’s see how Ufone is going to respond to Mobilink’s this move, as we know Ufone’s habit of replying to competition in direct manner.
Following is one of Mobilink’s TVC for the said campaign, which hasn’t be aired on the TV so far.

How to Use Internet on BlackBerry Without BIS Account

blackberry tips and tricks 125 How to Use Internet on BlackBerry Without BIS AccountBlackBerry can be used as an internet device without activating any of usual blackberry packages. Blackberry is been known for its push email services like syncing Microsoft exchange and IBM lotus mail server on the phone device.
While, most of the users only want to use BlackBerry handsets with basic internet profiles without having monthly BlackBerry packages defined (or what they call BIS Accountagainst their devices, we are presenting here a way to achieve this:
Let us Follow it step by step:
  • You need to have BlackBerry (Any WAP/HTTP) compatible model.
  • Open Main menu of the BlackBerry handset.
  • Select Options icon from it.
  • Select advance options in the Options menu.
  • Now Select the button for TCP
  • Enter APN of your mobile operator ( xxxx.internet or xxxxx.tinternet). You can get this APN from your operator’s helpline.
  • Leave all other options as they are and save it by pressing back tab.
You are done with Basic Profile Internet settings for BlackBerry!
Next Step:
  • In case your Blackberry device doesn’t come with BlackBerry browser then,
  • Open BlackBerry APP world (It is available in all new BlackBerry handsets).
  • After opening BlackBerry APP world, download any browser, such as Opera Mini or Bolt by selecting internet/browser category from BlackBerry APP world.
  • Start using internet on your BlackBerry device with GPRS/EDGE.
  • If BlackBerry APP world is not available then you might have to download all of these browser applications to your handset manually by first downloading it to PC and then copying these applications to your device.
  • That’s it!
Most of the BlackBerry handsets are decent to use for internet and push email surfing’s to keep connected with friends and family. On the other side, mobile operators have not focused on such lucrative segment of the market, where most of the users may not prefer to have BlackBerry handset with BlackBerry packages instead they may want to use BlackBerry handset but with usual internet profiles allowing only usual APN’s.
This is opportunistic and money spinning for mobile operators to have such offers like get unlimited internet+ BlackBerry handset in low price like PKR 500/- or PKR 600 instead of PKR 800 or 1000/- month for BlackBerry default defined packages. This will increase data ARPU’s and BlackBerry Handset sales as well for mobile operators. It will be lucrative for both in terms of data usage revenues and handset revenues.
Disclaimer: Please be informed that, Article is only written in the best interest of informing common people about the new gadgets benefits. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made or you may brick your device; after reading this article.

Warid Glow Free GPRS

glow Warid Glow Free GPRS [Hack]Warid’s Glow Free GPRS hack is on the rise these days, many well-known forums have made image guided and video lessons to teach you how to activate this hack and how to use the GPRS for free to connect PC internet, some individuals also released modded versions of many java apps.
What Free GPRS Hack?
All you need is a Warid sim with zero balance and with Glow package activated on it. You can either use the default apn or can change it to blank or “warid”, turn off any proxy, and you are good to go.
This hack works with proxy websites so in order to browse you first need to connect to a proxy site.
Open your mobile default browser and type
http://glow.pk.concealme.com/ or http://glow.pk.t9space.com, you can also join other proxy sites with glow.pk to get it working, This will take you to the proxy site where you can enter any website’s address and can browse for free.
You can also edit regular java apps like opera mini, bolt, and Ucweb etc to work with this hack.
  • Try using this hack only when your balance is zero.
  • This hack will not work if you have any bundle sms package activated.
  • Using the proxy sites/modded applications can result in theft of your private data/ passwords, so use it at your own risk.
Why these hacks do came out?
There is a common perception that evil geniuses who always try to find backdoors and flaws in systems find these hacks, on the other hand, some people think that the companies themselves spread these hacks.
Some may think that why would these companies do this, and answer can be that as you know GPRS/Edge culture is still not popular in Pakistan, because of costs and lack of knowledge. Therefore, when one finds it free, obviously, he/she is going to use it, then they tell it to their friends, creating awareness for the service.
Moreover, this also helps in testing network load, strengths, and weakness of the system when there is network congestion.

PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions

Just like we predicted on the first day of strike, PTCL management has, at last, opted to negotiate with union leaders after taking a hard stance earlier by going into courts and wasting good two weeks of its customers.
Fearing the sit-in call by employees on August 31st, PTCL management just decided to meet union leadership on Sunday evening.
Mr. Walid Irshad, President PTCL, Mr. Mazhar Hussain, SEVP HR, other top management met at least a dozen union leaders.
Reportedly, PTCL is of the view that none of the private sector organizations increased salaries by 50 percent; however, keeping in view the current inflation, management increased 30 percent salaries to benefit company employees. Last reports said that talks are yet to be concluded.
This drama is now repeated every year in July-August, when PTCL management (now looks it deliberately) confronts its workforce.
Just in case if you don’t know, this year PTCL management decided to increase salaries by 50 percent of salaries that employees used to get in 2008, instead of their current salaries, while the government of Pakistan had decided to increase salaries by 50 percent of their current salaries for all government employees, including following organization:
  • PTCL
  • PCB
  • EGD
  • PSEB
  • NTC
  • SCO
  • TIP
  • TF
  • PTET
  • Virtual University
  • USF
  • ICT R&D Fund
This was a daring move by PTCL management, especially well knowing the consequences; it decided to act like conventional Arab enterprise.
Technically speaking, PTCL management is not under government of Pakistan, due to the historical decision of Privatization Commission of Pakistan when it gifted the managerial control of the company to Etisalat against purchase of mere 26 percent shares.
Now, the PTCL workforce considers themselves Government employees and are expecting similar treatment as of any other government institute. But they are un-aware of the reality that PTCL is not in hands of Government anymore, it is being controlled, run and administered by Etisalat.
On other hands, PTCL management must consider its suffering customers who are left with no communication option during the strikes.
Strikes that entered into its 14th day today have halted the communication system of the country. As per media reports, hundred of thousands of telephone lines are dead, no support and after sale services are being offered by any service center or PTCL exchange.
PTCL employees have locked down the exchanges throughout the country and are protesting on roads for the fulfillment of their demands.
Largest rally, till date, was organized in Rawalpindi yesterday. Union leaders from across the country along with thousands of PTCL employees from Rawalpindi and Islamabad demonstrated in the rally.
Following are some pictures;
PTCL Strikes 1 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 2 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 3 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 4 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 5 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 6 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 7 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 8 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 9 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 10 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
PTCL Strikes 11 PTCL Strikes Enter 14th Day, Management At Last Talks to Unions
Pictures via PTCL Workers
Update: Latest reports mention that Mr. Walid Irshad, President PTCL has accepted employees’ demands, however, official confirmation is being awaited.

Warid and Seven Other Singtel Networks Working on One-Rate Roaming

Sintel is planning to introduce single-rate mobile roaming in at least 8 regions where it has full or partial investments, reported ITP, a technology website from Middle East.
Initial reports suggest that Warid Telecom of Pakistan, India’s Bharti Aitel, and Globe Telecom in the Philippines will be part of this singe-rate roaming plan.
Quoting Muneer Farooqui, CEO, Warid Telecom, ITP said that this single-rate roaming will surface by early 2011.
We call it ‘one network, one roaming charge’. We are working on it by the end of the year, at least amongst the eight operations of Singtel. Hopefully it will be in the market by the turn of the year.
It would be a great advantage for these operations, making it a global operation across borders, said Mr. Muneer Farooqui, CEO, Warid Telecom

Easypaisa Launches ‘International Home Transfer’ Service

EasyPaisa Logo Easypaisa Launches ‘International Home Transfer’ ServiceTameer Microfinance Bank and Telenor Pakistan made another addition to the bouquet of easypaisa services with the launch of ‘International Home Transfer’ in collaboration with Xpress Money, UK.
This service adds on international home remittances receiving facility in Pakistan.
The latest easypaisa service can be availed by anyone with a valid CNIC irrespective of any mobile operator or bank affiliation through all Sales and Service Centres and Franchises of Telenor Pakistan and all branches of Tameer Microfinance Bank.
Vice President Financial Services Telenor Pakistan, Roar Bjaerum, announced the launch of ‘International Home Transfer’ service and shared,
“Lack of financial infrastructure in many areas of Pakistan makes the process of receiving international remittances sent by loved ones abroad cumbersome. easypaisa International Home Transfer is meant to facilitate bridging this gap. At the same time, this service is part of our vision to offer wider range of financial services to increase financial inclusion in Pakistan.”
Speaking at the launch of International Home Transfer, the Chief Executive Officer Tameer Microfinance Bank, Nadeem Hussain said,
“The regular stream of new additions in the easypaisa portfolio displays regulators confidence in the reliability and performance of the solution. This new service offers all the benefits of any conventional remittance service. We are making quick progress towards offering new services providing additional benefits to the customers”
The senders of funds from abroad can transfer the money through the wide network of Xpress agents present in more than 80 countries including United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.
A transaction ID will be generated on sending the amount which, along with the CNIC, are required to claim the funds through all Telenor Pakistan Sale & Service Centers, Franchises and Tameer Microfinance Bank outlets.
International remittances can play a valuable role in providing foreign exchange, but more importantly, also offer significant potential to support incomes of poor and vulnerable groups. Tameer Bank has been given a member status of Pakistan Remittances Initiative (PRI).
PRI is a joint initiative of State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Ministry of Finance aimed at increasing the inflow of remittances through legal channels. Keeping in mind the importance of international remittances to Pakistan’s economy, the International Home Transfer service is being offered without any charges.
Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank’s easypaisa International Home Transfer Service will extend its relationships to more transfer agents in addition to Xpress Money in the future.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 [Preview]

sony ericsson xperia x8 Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 [Preview]
Sony Ericsson has recently announced Xperia X8 smartphone based on android operating system Donut (1.6) for the mid-range market. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is quite lower in size as compared to Sony Xperia X10 with Timescape User Interface designed for Sony Ericsson smartphones.
Processor & Memory:
It is loaded with 600 MHz processor with only 128 MB internal storage available for the handset and up to 16GB expandable memory. Its processor is quite well, and speed is almost equals to android Google G1.
Internal storage is somewhat low as compared to other phones available in the market with the same range, but 2GB expandable memory card is included in package for extensive memory usages (depends on seller offer).
Its display is ready with TFT capacitive touch screen which is geared with 16M vivid colors in the size of 320×480 almost (3.0 inches) in all, Though its display is bit lower as compared to Xperia X10 but it has good vivid depth of colors. It is also ready with basic sensors like Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate.
Connectivity& Location Based details:
Like many other smartphones, it supports different mediums to get connected with friends and family:
  • WI-FI 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
  • Micro USB
  • A-GPS
  • Digital Compass
It is capable of standard multimedia functions like:

  • Quite low camera of 3.15MP 2048×1536 with geo tagging feature and without flash LED.
  • It is ready to play – MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV playerand MP3/eAAC+/WMA/WAV player.
  • Speaker Phone.
  • 3.5 mm Stereo Jack
  • Stereo FM Radio with RDS.

  • Timescape UI 3.0
  • Documents to go for as Office application.
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Book Market shortcut
  • Road Sync Mail.
  • Social Networks integrations.
  • Voice Memo.
  • Google Maps.
  • Google Talk
  • Track ID music recognition.
  • Bookmarks
  • Instant Messaging.
  • Video Streaming Applications.
Colors Availability:

  • White,
  • Dark Blue/ White,
  • Aqua Blue/ White, Pink/ White,
  • Silver/ White Red
Bonus Features:

  • Stereo FM Radio with RDS
  • Timescape UI
  • Scratch less resistant surface
As per its specifications, it seems like; Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is designed for the mid-range purchasing segment of the market. It may not be as much expensive as other new android based smartphones. It may intense the competition especially, if it will compete Samsung Corby and other mid-range touch screen smartphones as an edge of Android OS.
Availability in Pakistan:
We cannot confirm officially on its availability in Pakistan, but you may estimate its price on the basis of its specifications, it price may range from PKR 18,000/- to PKR 30,000.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that, Websites mentioned in the articles are only for citing references. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made; but not limited to, after reading this article.


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